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WHY include Jones & Horan in your estate planning?

Many collectors express to us that they are concerned that their family will not know what to do with their timepieces if something happens to them. They fear that someone could come in and take advantage of the situation, and they want to make sure that their collection benefits their family after they are gone. In so many cases, families are not interested in the hobby and only wish to keep one or two pieces as a remembrance.

HOW do I include Jones & Horan in my estate planning?
Choose one of the methods below and consult with an estate attorney or estate planning professional to ensure that things are legal and correct.

  1. Codicil to a Will – This will update a Will without revoking it. A Codicil is defined as an addition or supplement to a Will, in order to add to, remove, or alter certain provisions of the Will. The original Codicil should be kept with the original Will, and copies should be given to all parties who also have a copy of the Will. Please CLICK HERE to see a sample Codicil.
  2. A Directive Letter aka Letter of Instruction aka Letter of Intent – Although not a legal document, this informal letter can provide valuable guidance and act as a road map to your estate. Please CLICK HERE to see sample verbiage to be included in a Directive Letter.
  3. A new Will (to update a previous one) – Some attorneys may recommend a new Will over the above choices in order to avoid potential confusion between two documents. Within the Will, it could be clearly stated that Jones & Horan is to be engaged for the disposition of your collection of timepieces.

WHEN do I include Jones and Horan?
There is no time like the present! Execute one of the methods above as approved by your attorney or estate professional, or simply contact Jones and Horan now!

Note: You may find it extremely beneficial and even exciting to sell your collection in advance of your passing. You can control any pieces that stay in the family, and Jones & Horan will ensure that the rest are presented on the world scene. You can see the fruits of your collecting, use the proceeds to keep collecting a bit as you wish, and/or the money can be put aside for the eventual distribution to heirs in an easy and fair manner.

To find out how Jones & Horan can assist you in your estate planning, please contact Owner/Auctioneer Patricia (Patty) Jones at (603) 623-5314 or auctions@jones-horan.com.
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