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Check Out Our Calendar of Scheduled Future Auctions:

  • 210930 Online-only Auction: September 23-30, 2021
  • 211031 LIVE WEBCAST Auction on October 31, 2021 NOTE: Jones & Horan is bursting at the seams with timepieces, parts, cabinets, and so much more; therefore, we will be holding a BONUS attendees only auction directly following our live webcast auction on October 31st! Only bidders in attendance will be able to bid in the BONUS auction (no online bids, no telephone bids, no absentee bids) and all lots "won" must be removed the same day. We are excited to bring back some of that old-time auction feel! Most of the lots come from three different watchmakers' estates with tools, parts (many organized already for you!), crystal cabinets, and more!
  • 211118 Online-only Auction: November 11-18, 2021
  • 211209 "7th Annual Holiday Spectacular!" Online-only Auction: November 25 - December 9, 2021 (Two Week Event!)

Auctions already scheduled into 2022:

  • 220113 Online-only Auction: January 6-13, 2022
  • 220127 Online-only Auction: January 20-27, 2022
  • 220210 Online-only Auction: February 3-10, 2022
  • 220224 Online-only Auction: February 17-24, 2022
  • 220310 Online-only Auction: March 3-10, 2022
  • 220324 Online-only Auction: March 17-24, 2022
  • 220501 LIVE WEBCAST Auction on May 1, 2022

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Our LIVE auctions are held twice each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Our ONLINE-ONLY auctions are held bi-weekly, with brief hiatuses surrounding the two live auctions and at Christmas time. We also hold special online-only auctions with the same terms as our regular online-only auctions, including "Christmas in July" in the summertime, "Holiday Spectacular" at Christmas time, and occasional pop-up specialty auctions.

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