LIVE Auctions:
If you are unable to attend in person, you may leave Absentee Bids:
  • Click Here to Leave Absentee Bids for LIVE Auction when open for bidding – Deadline: 24 hrs before the start of the Live Auction.
    **Absentee Bidding is now fun and easy!  You will use the same login information that you have used to bid in our online auctions.  If you have never registered or bid in our online auctions, you will need to create a new account just this once.
    (Please note that your login information used previously for bidding in our Live Auctions will not work with our new system.)
  • Email Absentee Bids – Deadline: 3 days before the start of the Live Auction.
  • Download and Fax (or Mail) this Absentee Bid Form – Deadline: 3 days before the start of the Live Auction.


    Bids by persons attending the LIVE auction take priority over Absentee bids in case of a tie. In the case of two Absentee Bids of the same amount, the first bid received takes priority.

    Absentee Bids received that are not entered according to our Standard Bid Increments will be rounded down to the next lower bid increment. For bid increments and more information please see our FAQ.

    We will not be held responsible for errors in providing you with this free service of executing your Absentee Bids – please consider attending our auction in person!

    Payment for the Live Auctions by Cash, Check or Bank Wire – No Paypal or Credit Cards

    We also offer selected PHONE Bidding.


Click Here to Bid in our Current ONLINE-ONLY Auction - Deadline: Up until the closing date & time of the current ONLINE-ONLY auction.
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