Dent - Important spring detent chronometer tourbillion keyless fusee with winding indicator, full four-year perpetual calendar with lunar phases, slide-activated minute repeater
Sold 05/06/2012 For $180,000

Ammi Phillips family portrait
Sold 08/03/2001 For $155,000


Breguet tourbillion 3rd Series, one-minute tourbillion with lever escapement and three-armed compensating balance (mvt and dial only)
Sold 11/20/2005 For $140,000


Rockford, Serial #1, in original 18K HC, all in oustanding condition with cuvetted presentation to Levi Rhoades, Rockford Watch Co president
Sold 05/06/2018 For $91,000
Dent - Important and rare minute-repeating grande and petite sonnerie clockwatch with four-year perpetual calendar
Sold 05/06/2012 For $88,000
A Lange & Söhne triple signed slide minute repeater from the collection of Red Skelton
Sold 06/22/2008 for $80,000


Albert Potter & Co, Geneva, minute repeating grande & petite sonnerie clockwatch
Sold 05/23/2010 For $70,000


Daniel Munroe & Co tall grandfather clock with moonphase dial
Sold 04/09/2006 For $54,000


Swiss lady's minute repeater with fully enameled covers for Chinese market
Sold 10/16/2011 For $49,000


Louis Elisee Piguet, Le Brassus, finisher, ebauche supplied by firm of Louis Audemars, rare and important two-train, minute repeating, Westminster carillon chiming, grande sonnerie clockwatch
Sold 09/30/2012 For $46,000

Lange & Söhne, Glashütte bei Dresden, SA, minute repeating gold hunter, quality 1a (first quality)
Sold 10/06/2013 For $43,000

Charles Fasoldt Patent Chronometer, series III, coaxial double wheel lever chronometer escapement in 18K gold original case
Sold 05/23/2010 For $42,000


Hamilton, the first genuine "4-orbit" model 221 marine chronometer produced, s#4E001
Sold 10/04/2015 For $40,000

A Lange, Dresden, rare and important 1a quality calendar with quarter-hour repeating on single gong
Sold 09/30/2012 For $39,000


Waltham Crystal Plate
Number 49
Sold 05/23/2010 For $38,000


E Howard and Co, Boston, the earliest model 1858-C divided plate known, the 11th watch of planned production
Sold 05/04/2014 For $37,000


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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss Chronometer, ref 1019
Sold 05/01/2016 For $36,500


Maison B Haas, Jeune, Genève-Paris, rare and important patented cover-winding, double-dial, minute repeating perpetual calendar watch displaying two time zones
Sold 10/02/2016 For $36,500

Charles Fasoldt, Albany, NY, 1st series s#6, 20S, in heavy 18K
Sold 05/23/2010 For $36,000


Adolf Lange & Sohne, Glashutte b/Dresden, quarter hour repeating hunter s#50000, quality 1a in massive Louis XV style 18K rose gold original hunter case
Sold 10/16/2011 For $36,000


Swiss unsigned high-grade minute-repeating, four-year perpetual-calendar moonphase chronograph
Sold 05/04/2014 For $29,000

Seth Thomas #19 eight-day one-weight regulator oak wall clock with inverted thumbprint double-vial mercury pendulum, circa 1884
Sold 05/07/2011 For $29,000

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, famous as the James Bond model having no crown-guards, ref 5508
Sold 10/01/2017 For $28,000


Patek Philippe, Genève, rare US Navy deck watch with exposed back winding indicator sytem of unique design
Sold 05/03/2015 For $26,500


Swiss made top-grade tandem-winding minute repeater grande and petite sonnerie clockwatch in massive 18K gold HC with equestrian themes
Sold 05/06/2018 For $15,000

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Sea Dweller, retailed and signed by Tiffany & Co, ref 16660
Sold 05/21/2017 For $24,000

Charles Fasoldt Patent Chronometer, with coaxial double-wheel lever escapement in 18K gold HC
Sold 05/23/2010 For $24,000


Bovet, Fleurier, Chinese market enamel pocket watch with split-pearl borders
Sold 05/06/2012 For $22,000


D J Gale's Patent astronomical calendar clock with 26-inch dial
Sold 09/29/2012 For $19,000


Heuer, Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer chronograph with rotating tide dial, minute and hour registers, ref 2447
Sold 05/01/2016 For $18,000

Fine Swiss minute repeating chronograph enameled with equestrian scenes and set with diamonds
Sold 10/16/2011 For $17,500

Platinum and emerald-cut diamond engagement ring center stone estimated at 2.72 carats
Sold 05/04/2014 For $17,000


Hamilton 23J hunting grade 947 with fully marked barrel plate also marked "Extra”
Sold 09/30/2012 For $17,000


Illinois, "26 Ruby Jewels," Ben Franklin in two-tone damascene, rarest of the rare
Sold 10/04/2015 For $17,000


George P Reed, Boston, for Currier & L'Heureux, Monitor style half-plate lever with winding indicator
Sold 10/06/2013 For $17,000

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Edward Howard, 23 blue sapphire jewels, free-sprung with special fine adjustment weights mounted on balance spar
Sold 05/03/2010 For $17,000


Patek Philippe, Geneve, minute repeater made for Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co
Sold 04/28/2013 For $16,500


E Howard & Co, Boston, historically important Civil War period series III belonging to Philo Remington of Remington firearms fame
Sold 05/03/2015 For $16,500

Patek Philippe, Genève, important and rare First Prize winning watch from the Geneva Astronomical Observatory Timing Contest of 1915-1916
Sold 10/06/2013 For $16,000

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, nicknamed the "Steve McQueen," ref 1655
Sold 05/06/2018 For $15,000

Swiss, unsigned top-grade tandem-winding quarter repeating grande and petite sonnerie clockwatch
Sold 05/21/2017 For $15,000

Hamilton, 23J hunting grade 947 marked "Extra" on barrel plate
Sold 05/01/2016 For $14,500


Edward Howard, 18K gold case, in original mahogany box with license
Sold 09/28/2014 For $14,500


Rockford, Pennsylvania Special, 25J, marked "25 Ruby Jewels"
Sold 05/06/2018 For $14,000

Important E Howard & Co, Boston, series VII adjusted, presentation watch to Major General A S Roberts by the Texas Volunteer Guard
Sold 10/16/2011 For $14,000

Dubois & Compagnie, (Chaux-de-Fonds, ca 1830), quarter repeating three-figure carrillon striking automaton
Sold 10/06/2013 For $14,000

Top grade Hamilton rarity, Hamilton, lever-set
Grade 951 (marked), 23J
Sold 05/06/2018 For $13,000

Illinois, Washington Watch Co, one of the rarest of the rare, "Greenwich, 23 Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Jewels"
Sold 05/21/2017 for $12,000

E Howard Series VII in 14K multicolor gold equestrian case
Sold 10/04/2015 For $11,500


J S & T D Negus, New York (Wall Street), rare and desirable 8-day marine chronometer
Sold 10/04/2015 For $11,000

A Lange & Söhne, Sax-O-Mat
Sold 10/01/2017 For $11,000


United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, 19J United States Watch Co grade, with rare signature
Sold 10/04/2015 For $10,500

Heuer Carrera Chronograph, ref 2447, retailed by Abercrombie & Fitch Co
Sold For $10,500

Charles Fasoldt, Albany NY, very rare tandem escapement possibly of experimental design, s#484, movement only
Sold 10/01/2017 For $10,000

United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, 19J United States Watch Co grade
Sold 10/04/2015 For $9,400


Waltham, P.S. Bartlett, in exceptional and heavy 14K multicolor gold HC with equestrian themes
Sold 05/06/2018 For $9,400

Charles Fasoldt, Albany NY, Fasoldt's co-axial double wheel escapement chronometer with very rare duo-in-uno hairspring, s#54, movement only
Sold 10/01/2017 For $9,200


The earliest "complicated" watch produced by Waltham, the Chronodrometer, Appleton Tracy & Co, very impressive original example 
Sold 05/06/2017 For $9,000

L Goddard & Son, Shrewsbury, rare and important early American fusee s#462
Sold 05/03/2015 For $9,000


Hamilton "Glendale," one of the top collectible early Hamilton wristwatches, very rare
Sold For $9,000

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Illinois, Washington Watch Co Lafayette 24J, 18S, superb and heavy 14K multicolor HC
Sold 10/01/2017 For $8,400

Illinois, "26 Ruby Jewels" Pennsylvania Special, two-tone
Sold 10/02/2016 For $7,600


Illinois, Pennsylvania Special "23 Ruby Jewels"
Sold 10/01/2017 For $6,800


Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Grande Sun Moon 8-Day
Sold 05/06/2018 For $6,600

Illinois, Pennsylvania Special 24J hunting case version
Sold 08/31/2017 For $6,200

Ball Hamilton, grade 999K, 23J, 18S
Sold 05/21/2017 For $6,200


Elgin, convertible model, 16S, spectacular heavy 14K multicolor gold HC
Sold 12/15/2016 For $6,100

United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, 19J Frederic Atherton grade
Sold 10/04/2015 For $6,000

Elgin, B W Raymond, in spectacular very heavy 18K HC
Sold 11/17/2016 For $5,800


A Lange & Söhne Beobachtungsuhr ("B-Uhr"), World War II pilot's watch
Sold 05/21/2017 For $5,600

Audemars Piguet in 18K
Sold For $5,300

Rockford, very early s#25
Sold 10/04/2015 For $4,400


E Howard & Co Series II, in 14-18K OF period T&S (Thiery & Serex) case
Sold 10/01/2017 For $4,400

Cornell Watch Co, Chicago, Ill, Paul Cornell s#163 in top grade
Sold 10/04/2015 For $4,000


Otay, Golden Gate mvt and dial only
Sold 10/04/2015 For $3,800

Hamilton "Torpedo Boat Watch" with 56-hour winding indicator for US Shipping Board
Sold 05/21/2017 For $3,800

Illinois, B&O RR Standard in two-tone damascene, "21 Ruby Jewels"
Sold 05/21/2017 For $3,800

Illinois, Bunn Special Grade 163 with rare Montgomery "Flying J" dial, 23J 60 Hour
Sold 10/01/2017 For $3,600

Hamilton 23J grade 950
Sold 10/16/2011 For $3,500


Cornell Watch Co, San Francisco, top grade in gold hunter with rare black and white logo dial
Sold 10/04/2015 For $3,200

Hamilton and O'Hara, grade 992 with rare Borresen-DeLong center seconds
Sold 05/21/2017 For $3,200


Elgin, Veritas 23J with very scarce Montgomery
1920 Patent dial
Sold 10/01/2017 For $2,800

Elgin, Grade 412 freesprung with winding indicator, 21J
Sold 05/06/2017 For $2,200

Rockford sign, "The Incomparable Watch" tin sign
Sold 05/06/2018 For $2,200

Seth Thomas, Henry Molineux, 20J, Model 2
Sold 05/06/2018 For $2,000

Waltham, original dial with color image of a trout caught on a fisherman's line
Sold 05/06/2018 For $1,800

Waltham, US Army Air Corps Vanguard GCT Navigation Watch Type A-6 with winding indicator
Sold 05/21/2017 For $1,400

Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J with original boxes including the very scarce red colored hard plastic inner box
Sold 08/31/2017 For $1,300

Hamilton deck watch, grade 3992B for the Canadian Navy
Sold 05/21/2017 For $1,300


Waltham, original dial with color image of two horses pulling riders on sulkies
Sold 05/06/2018 For $1,000

Waltham, original dial with color image of a pointer breed dog
Sold 05/06/2018 For $800

Hamilton, Grade 992B 21J, 16S, in original two-tone case
Sold 10/01/2017 For $650

Elgin, Convertible with rare black enamel dial
Sold 08/31/2017 For $475

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