There are two types of auctions held by Jones & Horan, online-only auctions and live auctions.  Please note how to bid in each, below.

Click Here to Bid in our Current ONLINE-ONLY Auction if one is open for bidding.

You may bid the next bid increment, or you may place a bid for as high as you wish to bid.  The system will bid on your behalf only enough to outbid the next highest bidder.  You will be bid up to your high bid only if needed to outbid all others.  No one will be able to see what your high bid is, unless you get bid up to that amount.

If you wish to lower or delete a bid, please contact Diana Levesque at diana@jones-horan.com or (603) 623-5314 (during business hours).  Only the auctioneer can delete or lower a bid.  This prevents abuse of the system.

Deadline: Up until the closing date & time of the current ONLINE-ONLY auction.

BIDDING DURING THE FINAL MOMENTS (ALSO KNOWN AS SNIPING): Make sure to click on the LIVE CATALOG button to access a special tile-based view that becomes available when the first lot of an auction is within 30 minutes of closing. The tiles are "live" meaning that they are receiving real-time updates. A countdown is displayed for each lot, new bids & bid amounts get updated, the bidder's status updates (winning in green/losing in red), and all occurs without any manual refreshing.  PLEASE SEE SCREENSHOTS, BELOW, TO SEE WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE:

Here you can see the Live Catalog button on a COMPUTER. (It is normally flashing but this is just a screenshot).  It is a blue flashing button next to the usual "View Catalog" black button:


Here you can see the Live Catalog button on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE (it is normally flashing but this is just a screenshot).  It is a blue flashing button towards the top of the screen:
/pages/how_to_bid/AuctionFlex LiveCatalogButton on Mobile.PNG


Here you can see what the Live Catalog looks like on a COMPUTER:
/pages/how_to_bid/AuctionFlex LiveCatalog on Computer.jpg


And how the Live Catalog looks on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE:
/pages/how_to_bid/AuctionFlex LiveCatalog top on Mobile.PNG

And as you scroll down the Live Catalog on a MOBILE OR CELL PHONE:
/pages/how_to_bid/AuctionFlex LiveCatalog middle on Mobile.PNG


Click here to learn How To View Your Prior Bids (only for bids left online)

 /misc/Bid Taking Auctioneer.jpg

LIVE Auction Events:

There are FOUR ways to bid in our LIVE auction events, and all are offered as a FREE SERVICE:

  1. /misc/Bid in Person.jpg
    Attend in person and bid live! Register at the desk for a bidder number and bid in person!
  2. /misc/bidonline.jpg
    Bid live online DURING the auction! Be at your computer or device at auction time, register for the auction, and then click on the flashing blue BID LIVE button. Click on the blue ENTER RING button, and you're in!
    (Please note you will not be able to ask questions or ask that the auction be paused for you; you will only be able to see the progression of bids on each lot as it comes up, and you will be able to place bids if desired. The auction is fast-paced, at about 100 lots per hour, so you will need to have done your research ahead of time! A live feed will be available to watch, but there will be about a 2-5 second lag, so we do not recommend watching it while bidding live online. The live feed will not be available through cell phones; only on a computer or laptop.)
  3. /misc/bids.jpg
    Not available on auction day? You can leave ABSENTEE BIDS in advance! 
    If desired, you can download our Absentee Bid Form, or just be sure to include your full name and telephone number and clearly write or type each lot number, a BRIEF description and the amount you are willing to bid up to. All bids are executed starting at the lowest bid possible and then working up to your high bid, if necessary.
    You can leave absentee bids with us in FIVE different ways:
    1. Leave your high bids online, much in the way that online bids are placed during one of our online auctions. This method of placing absentee bids will stay open until the lots are introduced by the auctioneer on Auction Day! You will use the same login information that you use to bid in our online-only auctions.
      Click here to learn How To View Your Prior Bids (only for bids left online).
    2. Call our office by phone at (603) 623-5314 and communicate your bids to one of our team members (no later than FRIDAY before auction day).
    3. Email your bids to auctions@jones-horan.com.
    4. Fax your bids to (603) 626-5974
    5. Mail your bids to our office at Jones & Horan, 453 Mast Road, Goffstown, NH 03045. Allow plenty of time for delivery.
  4. /misc/Bid by Telephone.png
    Bid live on the phone DURING the auction! (MUST be set up no later than three days before the auction [by Thursday immediately preceding the auction date] - NO EXCEPTIONS, limited availability, select lots only, our team members call you as your lots come up on the block, bidders will not be able to call us.)

A FEW NOTES regarding bidding in our live auction:

Bids by persons attending the LIVE auction take priority over Absentee bids in case of a tie. In the case of two Absentee Bids of the same amount, the first bid received takes priority. 
If you have never bid or consigned with us before, upon registering to bid online, you will receive an email from us with a few questions. You will not be approved to bid and your bids entered unless you reply to our email. Thank you! 
Absentee Bids received that are not entered according to our Standard Bid Increments will be rounded down to the next lower bid increment. For bid increments and more information please see our FAQ
We will not be held responsible for errors in providing you with this free service of executing your Absentee Bids – please consider attending our auction in person! 
Payment for the Live Auctions by Cash, Check or Bank Wire – No Paypal and No Credit Cards. 
Jones & Horan Auction Team
453 Mast Rd, Goffstown, NH 03045
Tel: 603-623-5314
Fax: 603-626-5974
Email: auctions@jones-horan.com
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