Jones & Horan Auction Team conducts two Live Auction Events per year, and two Online–Only auctions per month specializing in vintage and antique watches, jewelry, coins and clocks. 
Jones & Horan has been specializing in horological auctions for 35 years!

All Jones and Horan auctions are conducted with No Reserves and No Buyer’s Premium, and there is No Sales Tax here in New Hampshire.

/jones/misc/Lakeland Photo.jpg  George & Patty Jones at the February 2018 NAWCC show in Lakeland, Florida,
with Tyler St. Gelais looking on in the background.

Diana Levesque auctioneers at the
September 23, 2018 Live Auction Event.

This is how we got started:

  • In 1945: George F. Jones was the Manager, and eventual owner, of a 200 acre Dairy farm in Goffstown, NH. He allows his customers to barter their milk bills with items found around the house and barn. His son, George E. Jones, develops an uncanny ability to deal within the Antiques market by helping his dad buy and sell the bartered items.
  • In 1983: George E. Jones and Patty (Horan) Jones get married. Patty quits her teaching job, gets her Auctioneer’s license, and the Jones & Horan Auction Team, Inc is born.
  • In 1985: Tim Decker (1946-2012), a long time friend and founding member, finds a customer who wants to consign his vintage watch collection to one of the Jones and Horan auctions. Soon after recognizing the potential market, the company diverts all its resources into developing a specialty for Horological items.
  • In 1987: Marc Bourque joins the Team as a computer consultant. Marc guides the auction house as it launches one of New England’s first websites onto the fledgling World Wide Web.
  • In 1995: Frank Davis joins the Team as Property Developer. He restores an old barn into a comfortable, efficient office. Nowadays, he heads Inventory Control and is a well-loved consultant on Old Coins and just about everything else.
  • In 2010: Ryan Fields brings his expertise and superior work ethics as a digital photographer to the Team.
  • In 2014: Diana Levesque joins the team full time as Office Manager, Assistant Cataloger and one of the Auctioneers. She is proving to be a gift from above, and now also serves as the Team's Chief Operating Officer.
  • In 2015: Jones & Horan conducts their first On–Line Only auction in January. Soon thereafter, On–Line Only auctions take place twice a month on Thursday, and there are two Live auctions scheduled for the Spring and Fall. Jones and Horan Auction Team sells vintage watches, jewelry, coins and clocks to clients from all over the world with gross sales of about three million.
  • In 2016: Fred Hansen, a second generation watch collector who started at the ripe old age of eight, brings his thirty years of expertise and experience to the Team as Cataloger, Consultant, and Expert in American pocket watches.
  • In 2017: Tyler St. Gelais, jeweler and wristwatch enthusiast, comes on board.  His passion for watches delights the Team as well as clients.
  • In 2017: Marc Bourque, who has been working with us part-time for thirty years, joins the Team full-time as our computer consultant.
  • In 2018: Amanda Kelly joins the Team.  Patty Jones had been praying for someone who could come close to being as valuable as our COO, Diana Levesque.  This young lady (Diana's baby sister!) is an answer to those prayers.
 /jones/misc/2019 NAWCC Springfield Show Cropped.jpg
At the NAWCC 2019 National Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Left to right: George Jones, Fred Hansen, Diana Levesque, Amanda Kelly, Tyler St. Gelais

 Our Office is Located at 453 Mast Road, Goffstown NH 03045:
LIVE Auctions are held at: The Hilton DoubleTree Manchester Downtown Hotel, Manchester NH (formerly Radisson)
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