2018 Staff Favorites

We thought it would be fun to spotlight some timepieces sold this past year that were a favorite of our team members.
Up first, our online store manager and junior cataloger, Amanda Kelly, just loves this Higgs y Evans, Londres, quadruple cased verge fusee calendar watch!

Here is why she loved it, in her words: “I’ve always loved antiques for the craftsmanship and care put into things. Even the movement, the part that a consumer wouldn’t necessarily look at, has been crafted beautifully with pierced and engraved pieces and even decorative columns holding the plates together. It fascinates me that a watch made over a century ago (description explains that the inner case is from 1796 meaning the movement should be around that time period) can still work and even has a calendar function. Besides functionality, this watch is also a piece of art as the tortoise shell has a well done painting of a Calvary scene. Bonus too is that it was fun for me to write up for the catalog!"

This watch sold in our September 23, 2018 Live Auction Event for $1,100, lot #194.
Here is a link to it in that past auction: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology--j…/…
Patty Jones

Patty Jones
’ favorite watch from 2018 was this Waltham 18S in exceptional and heavy 14K multicolor gold hunter case in stunningly crisp condition. The back cover showcases three horse heads in differing colors of good, and each having an inset diamond for its eye, all surrounded by a rose gold colored belt.

This watch sold for $9,400 as lot #62 in our May 2018 Live Auction.
More info can be seen here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/…


Co-owner George Jones’ favorite watch from this past year was, of course, the Rockford serial #1 in gold case with inscription on cuvette to Levi Rhoades, Rockford Watch Co’s President. What’s not to love about a watch that sells for $91,000 after some exciting live auction bidding between bidders by telephone as well as on the floor?!

In the above photo, George poses excitedly beside a museum-quality clock that will be offered in our 2019 June 2nd live auction.
Click here to view all photos and the full writeup of the Rockford s#1: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/… It is lot #423!

Diana Kelly
, chief operating officer and one of the auctioneers, chose the Waltham Chronodrometer as her favorite watch from 2018. The earliest “complicated” watch produced by Waltham, she was intrigued by this rare and attractive example, with only 400 produced.

In the photo above, Diana poses next to a museum-quality musical clock that will be offered on June 2, 2019. The musical part runs off the bellows showing through the open door.

The Chronodrometer sold for $9,000 as lot #65 in the May 2018 Live Auction.
View more about it and how it runs here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/…

Our festive IT manager, Marc Bourque, was especially fond of the antique, all original rose engine we were privileged to handle in our September 2018 Live Auction. This gorgeous and fully functional piece of history sold for $16,500.
View the full writeup of lot# 381, the Rose engine here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology--j…/…

Wristwatch specialist, Tyler St. Gelais, chose the Rolex chronometer day-date ref 1803 “Wide Boy” as his favorite watch handled by us in 2018.

The watch sold for $10,000 in our May 2018 Live Auction. 
View more details about this watch, lot 95, here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/…

American pocket watch expert, Fred Hansen, HAD to choose the Rockford serial #1 that we sold this past May 2018 as his favorite watch handled here. It really is the ultimate piece for the Rockford collector, serial number 1 with its original case inscribed to Rockford Watch Co’s first President, Levi Rhoades.

The watch sold for $91,000 this year.

Note the record of the presentation in a March 25, 1876 article, "Mr. J.P. Manny then made a motion that, as the valuable services of the president, Mr. Levi Rhoades, had been rendered gratuitously, he be presented with the No. 1 watch by the stockholders. Mr. Manny accompanied the motion with a few appropriate and happy remarks. Mr. J.S. Ticknor seconded the motion and made some allusions to the distinguished services of Mr. Rhoades. The motion to present was adopted, when the recipient of the ticker responded feelingly. The State of the Enterprise watch is a fine gold one, and valued at $250."

View all photos and info for Lot #423 here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/…

Our photographer, Ryan Fields’ favorite watch this year was this gold and enamel verge fusee with automaton rear having five motions. Dating to the late 18th or early 19th century, Ryan was intrigued by the motions on the back.

The watch sold for $5,000 as lot #83 in our May 2018 Live Auction.
You may view more about the watch here: https://jones-horan.hibid.com/…/-live-webcast-horology-an…/…
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of our clients and friends! 
We are thrilled to have worked with you all in 2018, and look forward in eager anticipation to 2019!
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