"Watch This!" Horology, Jewelry & Accessories
Bidding Opens: Thursday, February 18, 2021
Bidding Closes: Thursday, February 25, 2021

This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
American Pocket Watches:
Elgin, BW Raymond, 15J, 18S, heavy 18K HC

Waltham, Crescent St, 21J, 18S, 14K drum style modified open face recase

Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163A, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar, Type IIP marking
Illinois, "Arlington" marked mvt and dial, 14K multicolor gold HC recase

Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, scarce Type IR marking
Ball Illinois, Official Standard, Grade 810, 23J, 16S

Hamilton, Grade 992 Extra, 21J, two-tone

Hamilton, Burlington Special, 21J, 18S, rare
Ball Waltham, Official B of LE Standard (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers), 19J, 16S
Waltham, Riverside Maximus, 23J, 16S, 14K
Hamilton, Grade 994, 21J, 16S, scarce
Thomas Parker, Philadelphia, colonial verge fusee

Rockford, Grade 655 w/winding indicator, 21J
Hamilton, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Special, 17J
Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I marking
Illinois, Bunn Special w/Ferguson dial, 21J, 16S
Hamilton, Grade 950B w/low s#S188, 23J
Hamilton, Grade 992B w/very rare dial, 21J, 16S
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 19J, 18S
Ball Hamilton, Official RR Standard, Grade 999N, 23J, 16S
Illinois, Sangamo Special, 23J, crosshatch pattern damascene
Howard Keystone, Series 0 w/scarce damascene, 23J
Hamilton, Grade 946, 23J, 18S, Montgomery dial
Hamilton, Grade 940 Special, 21J, two-tone
Waltham, PS Bartlett, Civil War era, Model 1857, w/engraving to its original owner "Oliver Chester 1864"
Waltham, Crescent St w/winding indicator, 21J, 16S
South Bend, The Studebaker, Grade 223, 17J, 16S
Hampden, w/Webb C Ball marked dial, 15J, 18S
Lancaster Watch Co, Keystone, 15J, 18S
European Pocket Watches:
Patek Philippe, marked "1st Quality," 45mm, 18K

E Huguenin & Co, minute repeater, 52mm, 14K

International Watch Co (IWC) w/associated box

Jean Robert, verge fusee, 48mm, gilt w/enamel
Chronometers, Deck & Military Watches:
Elgin, Father Time free-sprung deck watch w/winding indicator, 21J, 18S, massive oversized 63mm 6oz sterling silver original case

PW lot (2) Hamilton, World War II era military watches, 16S, both run

Hamilton, Grade 992B, WWII military, 21J
Hamilton, Grade 2974B, WWII US Navy, 17J
Rolex Oyster Royal Precision, ref 6594, circa 1958

International Watch Co, IWC, 14K gold case

LeCoultre Memovox
LeCoultre Futurematic
Jaeger LeCoultre LED, digital

Bulova Accutron, 14K gold case
Bulova Accutron, 14K gold
Minerva signed monopusher chronograph

BWC doctor's watch, 9K gold
Vulcain Chronograph
Swiss three button chronograph
Omega Seamaster, ref 14700-2
Lucien Piccard, 14K, w/inner box & papers
Hamilton Electric Savitar, 14K gold case
Lady's LIP Nautic 80 dive watch, France, electric
LIP Spaceview, France, NOS, electronic
Dorlin Epperlein 100, electric, rare
Bulova Thermatron, thermoelectric
Wittnauer Electrochron
Waltham, electric
Derby driver's watch, electronic
Watch Chains and Fobs:
14K gold watch chain with T-bar & 14K Masonic fob

14K gold heavy link watch chain w/oversized clasp

14K gold watch chain with T-bar
14K gold sliding double-Albert watch chain w/fob

14K gold double Albert watch chain with T-bar
10K gold heavy link watch chain w/large oval links
Lot (4) Thin Art Deco style gold chains
14K gold watch chain with T-bar
14K white gold Art Deco watch chain
Ephemera lot (50) PW papers, advertising, samplers

Lot (60+) Assorted watch boxes
Watch Parts or Components:
PW case only - 14K gold 16S HC w/attractive engraving detail

Lot of Omega WW parts, mvts & complete watches

Lot of vintage chronograph wristwatch parts & mvts
Lot of chronograph wristwatch parts, mvts & dials
Lot of chronograph wristwatch parts and mvts
Lot of chronograph wristwatch parts and mvts
Rolex Date case & Datejust dial only (no mvt)

Lot (500+/-) NOS glass pocket watch crystals
PW case lot (2) Tortoise shell piqué fusee outer
Muckle patent reversible, 18S, coin silver case

WW lot (11) New old stock ETA movements

Seifert, Ruebec, mid-size carriage clock w/alarm

Coulaillet Freres, mid-size carriage clock (needs overhaul)
Pendant Watches:
Chas E Jacot, pendant watch, 18K HC

Tiffany & Co, Swiss, pendant watch, 18K

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC w/leaf detail

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC w/beautiful engraving detail
Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC w/beautiful detail
CH Meylan, miniature pendant watch, 26mm, 18K
Ladies' Wristwatches:
Lady's Omega, quartz, 14K gold & diamonds

Lady's Omega Constellation Manhattan, quartz
Men's & Ladies' Jewelry: 
Diamond, 18K yellow & white gold semi-mount ring

Jewelry lot (3) Men's 14K gold & diamond rings
Jewelry lot (2) 14K gold ring & set of earrings
Jewelry lot (2) Emerald, diamond & 14K suite 

Sterling silver jewelry lot
Jewelry lot (3) Assorted gold cocktail rings

Jewelry lot (3) Assorted gold cluster rings
Jewelry lot (3) 14K yellow gold cluster rings with assorted stones
Jewelry lot (3) Men's 10K gold rings
Peridot, citrine, diamond & 14K white gold ring

Jewelry lot (3) Aquamarine, diamond & 14K gold

Amethyst, diamond & 14K gold pendant

Spanish 1/2 Escudo gold coin pendant w/14K bezel
And over 60 lots of multiple watches!
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