"Time for a New Year Watches & Accessories"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, January 7, 2021
Bidding Closes: Thursday, January 14, 2021

This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
American Pocket Watches:
Elgin, GM Wheeler, 18S, beautiful heavy 14K HC

Elgin, Convertible model, 15J, 16S, 14K multicolor gold HC

Elgin, Convertible, 15J, 16S, 14K multicolor HC

Waltham, Santa Fe Route marked mvt, 17J, 18S, 14K HC

Hamilton, Chesapeake & Ohio RR Special, Grade 936

Hamilton, B&O RR Special, Grade 940, 21J, rare
Hamilton, Ezra F Bowman, Grade 972, 17J, 14K
Howard Keystone, Series 0, 23J, 16S, heavy 14K HC
Waltham, 16S, 14K multicolor HC w/perched bird

Elgin, 12S, 14K multicolor HC

Illinois, Washington, Lafayette, 24J, 18S, rare HC
Hamilton, 940 Special w/rare gilt damascene, 21J

Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J 60 Hour, Model 206
Elgin, 15J, 16S, 14K HC

Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I
Illinois, Bunn Special with very rare damascene and marking combination, 21J
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, two-tone case
Illinois, Bunn Special 23J 60 Hour, scarce Type I
Illinois, Bunn Special, gilt damascene, 21J, rare

Illinois, Bunn Special, 24J, 18S, HC model mvt
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 19J, 16S
Columbus, Columbus King w/rare angled train dial, 17J, 18S

Illinois, Sangamo Special, 23J, unmarked 60 hour
Rockford, Grade 83 w/rare train dial, 15J, 18S
United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, SM Beard, very rare Model 2
Ball Hamilton, Grade 999B, 21J, scarce 2B s#
Newark Watch Co, Edward Biven, paddle balance cock

Fredonia Watch Co, low serial #694, private label
Waltham, Model 1857, 18S, 6oz silver HC, w/chain
Hamilton, Grade 946, 23J, 18S
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, 16S, Model 2 case
Hamilton, Yakima Electric Special, Grade 926, 17J
Hamilton, "JF Butler Railroad Watch," 17J, 18S
Waltham, Vanguard w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Tremont, 11-15J, decagonal silver HC, gold balance
United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, Edwin Rollo, serial #5625
Fredonia Watch Co, 11-15J, 18S, Quick Beat
Hamilton, WM Stone Railroad Loaner, Grade 926, 17J

European Pocket Watches:
H Stuart, Liverpool, lever fusee, 52mm, 18K gold case, gold dial

Ed. Peter, Lucerne, quarter-hour repeater, 14K HC
Non-Magnetic W Co, Swiss, 16S, 14K HC

Jaeger LeCoultre, 41mm, 18K, w/box and 14K chain

Moise Constantin, gold & enamel melon-form verge fusee, NR

G Schwab-Loiellet, Masonic triangular silver watch

Swiss, 33mm, 18K OF case w/superb enamel detail

RF Cowderoy, lever reverse fusee, Masonic case
Swiss, chronograph w/ register, 50mm, gun metal
Riquet a Maintenon, verge fusee, 48mm, silver
Swiss, oversized coach watch, 76mm

Omega Seamaster, ref 6609, 18K case

Jules Jurgensen, 14K gold case w/unusual shape

Longines, 14K gold case w/fancy unusual lugs

Omega, pocket to wristwatch conversion
E. Howard & Co, pocket to wristwatch conversion
LePhare two register chronograph
Ladies' Pendant Watches:
Jules Jurgensen, pendant watch, 43mm, heavy 18K HC, w/original box
Girard Perregaux, miniature pendant watch, 14K
Elgin, pendant watch, 14K drum style HC

Elgin, pendant watch, superb 14K HC

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K multicolor HC

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC w/exquisite detail

Elgin, pendant watch, 14K OF, fancy dial

Military Pocket Watches:
Hamilton, Grade 2974B with scarce "Elinvar" marked mvt, World War II era U.S. Navy "Comparing Watch," mvt marked "U.S. Govt"

PW lot (2) Hamilton, military, 16S, both run
Hamilton, Grade 992B with "US Govt" marked mvt, World War II era military, 21J

Pocket Watch Case Only:
14K multicolor gold box hinge 18S S.R.W.C.C. HC with gold cuvette

Pocket Watch Chains:
Lot (2) Two-tone 14K gold fancy link watch chains

Lot (3) 14K gold watch chains
Lot (2) 14K gold fancy link watch chains

Folmer & Schwing M'f'g Co, rare pocket watch form lighter

Lot (3) American PW books, Illinois and Hampden

Unsigned Swiss skeleton clock

Modern lantern clock

Lot (3) Complete novelty clocks, all NR
Coin lot (253) Dime collection

Coin lot (6) Assorted US
Coin lot (461) Nickel collection
Coin lot (5) Liberty
Coin Lot (33) All United States Issues
Coin & paper lot (348) w/tokens, stamps, notes
Coin lot (12) US Half Dollars
Plus many lots of multiple items, including:
PW lot (8) Hamilton, Grade 992B, 21J, all run

WW lot military watches, cases, mvts & parts
Lot of chronograph WW parts, mvts,complete watches

Lot of assorted calendar WW parts & mvts

Lot (15) Chronographs & timers, five function

PW lot (13) European, silver niello, eight run

Lot (approximately 650) New old stock (NOS) glass PW crystals
Men's bracelets w/Rolex, Tiffany, Longines, etc.

Lot (7) Men's Omega bracelets & straps
Jewelry lot (7) Strands of freshwater pearls, 14K
Large assortment of PW bows
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