"Irretrievable Time Watches & Jewelry"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, November 12, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, November 19, 2020

This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
American Pocket Watches:
Hamilton, Imperial Canada, Grade 923, heavy 18K HC

Elgin, 15J, 16S, heavy 14K HC w/superb engraving

Illinois, Grade 187, 17J, 16S, 14K

Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163A, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar, Type IIB marking

Ball Hamilton, 998 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Hamilton, 992 Special, Adjusted for RR Service
Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I marking
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, 16S, 14K
Ball Hamilton, Official Standard, Grade 999R, 23J, 16S
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, scarce Type I marking
Hamilton, early Grade 944, rare factory upgrade from Grade 936 production run, 19J, 18S
Hamilton, "Chas. A. Loughman, R.R. Standard" marked mvt and dial, Grade 941, 21J, 18S
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, marked dial
Hamilton, "Gravatt & Co., Hanford, Cal." marked mvt, Grade 940 with scarce two-tone damascene, 21J, 18S
Hamilton, Grade 992 w/US Navy case, 21J
Illinois, Bunn Special, 24J, 18S
Howard Keystone, 19J, 10S, 14K white gold

Ball Elgin, Official RR Standard, Grade 334, 21J, 18S
Waltham, PS Bartlett, pre-Civil War, Model 1857
United States Watch Co, Marion, NJ, "St Paul Press, A" marked mvt, rare

Hamilton, Grade 992B, 21J, two-tone case, w/box

Hamilton, Grade 950B, 23J, Model 17 case
Hamilton, "Railroad Favorite" marked mvt, Grade 940, 21J
Hamilton, "Angus McFee, Adjusted 5 Positions Railroad Special" marked mvt, Grade 936, 17J, 18S
Ball Waltham, Official RR Standard, rare HC mvt
Hamilton, 992 Elinvar w/Army presentation
Tremont Watch Co, silver HC w/RR presentation
Waterbury, 6 spoke longwind, 49mm, w/early Waterbury Watch Co. cardboard box with fitted interior
New England Watch Co, skeleton model
Cornell Watch Co, JC Adams, 11-15J, 18S
Trenton, chronograph, 18S, scarce
Rockford, 9-11J, 18S, coin silver
Columbus, 18S, 11J, transitional, 4oz silver case

European Pocket Watches:
Continental European, marked to case for retailer Reymond y Wagner, Mexico, quarter-hour repeater, 49mm, 14K gold

Vacheron & Constantin, 41mm, 18K HC

Hebdomas, 8-day, gold-plated display case
Thomas Agar, York, verge fusee, ca 1805
James Scott, Kendal, lever fusee, ca 1828
English made, marked for American retailer James Cary, Brunswick, ME, lever fusee with hacking function

Rolex, manual wind, ref 3738, circa 1970s, 14K

Omega Seamaster, ref 166.020, 18K case

Oyster Raleigh, Canadian market, ref 2784

LeCoultre Memovox, w/inner box and paperwork

Longines "Driver's" style trench watch, sterling
Bulova Accutron Astronaut MKII, 14K gold case
Seiko Diver, ref 6106-7107, original orange dial
Omega Seamaster for US Steel, ref 166.020
Omega Dynamic, ref 166.039
Longines Flagship, 14K gold case
LeCoultre Master Mariner, 14K gold case
Elgin Trench Watch with shrapnel guard

Zodiac Olympus mystery dial, asymmetrical case
Wittnauer, 14K gold case w/angular lugs
Seiko "Pogue" Chronograph, ref 6139-6009

Ladies' Pendant Watches:
Elgin, pendant watch, 14K multicolor HC

Waltham, 6S, 10K(+) gold HC

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC

Waltham, pendant watch, 14K

Ladies' Wristwatches:
Lady's Hamilton 14K white gold & diamonds cocktail

Ladies' WW lot (2) Movado & Lady Elgin, gold cases

Ladies' WW lot (2) Swiss 14K white gold w/diamonds
Pocket Watch Cases Only:
Case only - 14K gold 16S Hamilton OF case with recessed hinges

PW case lot (6) American, 12-18S

PW case lot (7) American, 12-18S, OF cases
PW case lot (2) Gold-filled 16S OF display cases
PW case lot (4) Illinois 16S OF display cases
PW case lot (3) Illinois and Hamilton 16S cases
PW case lot (4) Hamilton 18S display cases

Pocket Watch Dials or Crystals Only:
Large assortment of PW dials, over 150 pieces

PW dial lot (6) Illinois, 16-18S, DS enamel
PW dial lot (7) American, 16-18S, diverse group
PW dial lot (7) American, 16-18S fancy dials
PW dial lot (4) Ball Hamilton and Hamilton, 16S
PW dial lot (3) Elgin/Waltham, wind indicator, 16S
Waltham, 14S, rare black enamel dial

Lot (425+) Glass pocket watch crystals

Pocket Watch Chains & Fobs:
Lot (12) Desirable men's PW chains in sterling or coin silver and nickel, some w/fobs

Large assortment of PW chains and material

Large assortment of PW chains & material
Lot (10) Gold-filled men's PW chains, some fobs

14K yellow gold diamond cut Figaro chain

10K yellow & white gold fancy link bracelet

Man's diamond and 14K gold anchor link bracelet

18K yellow gold Figaro bracelet
Jewelry lot (9) 14K & 10K gold rings
Lot (4) Gold & diamond rings, ladies' & men's
Plus over 70 lots with multiple items, including desirable railroad watches and more!
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