Bidding Opens: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, September 17, 2020

This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
European Pocket Watches:
Jules Jurgensen, 50mm, 18K HC w/original box

Von Loehr patent Perpetual (self-winding) with winding indicator, 48mm

Thibault, Nogent-Le-Rotrou, repeater with concealed plunge activation, 47mm, 18K gold

Vacheron & Constantin, 44mm, 18K HC
JF Cooper, London, 49mm, 14K or better
"Breguet" marked case, repeater with concealed plunge activation, 47mm, 16K gold
Movado, Swiss, 43mm, 14K
Concord, Swiss, quartz three time-zone traveler's watch, 44mm, 14K gold
Breitling Laederich, Locle, 46mm, 18K gold
Hamilton, Swiss, Grade 870, 46mm, 10K
Gruen, Precision, Swiss, 44mm, 14K gold
Mathey-Tissot, Swiss, 45mm, 14K
Girard Perregaux, Swiss, 43mm, 14K

American Pocket Watches:
llinois, Bunn Special, 24J, 18S, heavy 14-18K HC

Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co, Civil War era, Model 1857, 14K gold original HC

Tremont Watch Co, 15J, 18S, heavy 14K HC

E Howard & Co, Series VII, N-S, heavy 14K HC
Elgin, 11J, 18S, 14K HC w/scalloped band
Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163 Elinvar, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar, Type IE marking
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, pendant-set, 14K
Ball Illinois, Official Standard, 23J, 16S

Waltham, 17J, 18S, 14K HC
Waltham, 17J, 18S, 14K HC (another)
South Bend, Grade 295 (marked), 21J, 16S, 14K
Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163A, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar, Type IIP marking

Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co with Lehigh Valley railroad dial, Model 1883, 18S, 3oz sterling silver
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, Flying J dial
Waltham, split-seconds chronograph, 17J or greater
Waltham, 17J, 16S, 14K gold case
Rockford, Grade 655 w/winding indicator, 21J, 16S
Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I marking
Hamilton, "B&M Special, Reuling-Wymore" marked mvt, Grade 941, 21J
Waltham, Ruby, platinum opera watch
Hamilton, Grade 921, 21J, 10S, 14K
Waltham, 15J, 12S, 14K octagonal case, 14K chain
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, Type III marking
Hamilton, Grade 921, 21J, 10S, 14K
Hamilton, "W.A. Ferguson's Railroad Special" marked mvt and dial, Grade 940, 21J
Hamilton, "Flach's Railroad Special" marked mvt, Grade 940, 21J
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, Montgomery
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, Mainliner style case
Hamilton, Grade 4992B w/silver case, WWII military
Hamilton, Model 23 chronograph, WWII military
Hamilton, Grade 992B, 21J, w/flip-top box
Hamilton, Grade 950B, 23J, two-tone No. 3 case
Newark Watch Co, Edward Biven, 11-15J, 18S

Geneve, quartz, 14K case & integrated bracelet

Festina chronograph, heavy 18K gold case

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph, ref CV2011

Omega Speedmaster Mark II, ref 145.014
Rolex Precision, ref 4611, circa 1960, 18K case
Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox, 18K gold case
Blancpain Leman ultra slim
Rolex Oyster Viceroy, ref 3359
Hamilton Gordon, 18K gold case, cal 982M
Bulova Accutron, 14K case
Tag Heuer Link minute creeper chronograph, quartz
Pineider, stainless steel
Hamilton, 14K gold case
Epos Tank
Epos Big Date
Bulova, 18K gold case

PW Cases Only:
Heavy 18K gold A.W.Co. 18S HC

14K gold 18S HC w/beautiful engraving detail

14K gold 16S OF case
14K gold 16S Solidarity HC with initials to front

14K gold 16S OF case w/Jurgensen-style lips
8K gold (or better) 6S drum style HC
PW Dials Only:
Ball Illinois, 16S, scarce 24 hour dial

Ball Hamilton, 16S, 24 hour marginal minute dial
PW Movements Only:
Illinois, Rail Road King, 15J, 18S, mvt only
PW Parts Only:
Lot (10) Waltham 16S winding wheels, Riverside Maximus

Lot (6) Waltham 16S winding wheels, top grades
Ladies' Pendant Watches:
Patek Philippe, pendant watch, 18K HC w/enamel

E Favre Perret, heavy 18K HC w/enamel & diamonds

Waltham, pendant watch, 6S, 14K false box hinge HC

Ladies' Wristwatches:
Lot (10) Lady's Swiss & American 14K ww's

Lady's Movado, quartz, 14K & diamonds

Lady's Omega, 14K gold case & integrated bracelet
Lady's Waltham, 14K white gold, diamonds,sapphires

Parts & Accessories:
Parts lot (3) Rolex bracelet and dials

Lot (3) Assorted Rolex boxes
1ct diamond & 14K yellow gold engagement ring

Purple sapphire and 18K yellow gold ring

Tourmaline, diamond & 14K yellow gold ring
Jewelry lot (26) Assorted, 14K, 10K & gold plate

Jewelry lot (18) Chains, 10K, 14K, & 18K included
Jewelry lot (10) Chains & bracelets, 14K & 10K
Jewelry lot - 9K-14K gold, gold-filled, gemstones
Jewelry lot (8) Rings, 10K, 14K & 18K, gemstones
Jewelry lot - Pendants & earrings, some gold
And so much more, including over 70 lots of multiple items!
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