Bidding Opens: Thursday, July 30, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, August 6, 2020
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This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
Lady's Ebel Mini Sport Classic, quartz, 18K gold

Lady's LeCoultre, 18K case & integrated bracelet

Lady's Concord, quartz, 14K case & bracelet
Lady's Rolex Date, ref 6917, circa 1978

Lady's Rolex Date, ref 6917, circa 1984
Lady's Cartier, quartz

Agassiz, Swiss, split-seconds chronograph with 30-minute register, 48mm, 18K gold

Unsigned Swiss, 47mm, 18K gold drum style case

Duchene & Fils, fusee quarter-hour repeater, 67mm, in silver

Speranza, 51mm, 14K HC w/beautiful engraving

F Jacot Matile, Locle, 47mm, 18K
MJ Tobias, Liverpool, 42mm, 18K w/fishing scene

Elgin, GM Wheeler, 18S, 14K drum style HC

Hampden, 18S, heavy 14K HC w/scalloped band

Hamilton, Burlington Special, Grade 940, 21J, rare

Waltham, PS Bartlett, Model 1857, 18S, 18K HC

Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I marking
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, Type III marking, Flying J dial
Hamilton, Adjusted For RR Service, 21J, 16S
Ball Hamilton, Grade 998 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Hamilton, rare early Grade 944, 19J, fancy dial
Hamilton, Grade 950 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Elgin, 17J, 12S, heavy 14K
Waltham, 15J, 12S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 920, 23J, 12S, 14K
Waltham, 17J, Colonial size, 14K
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, scarce Type I marking
Hamilton, Grade 992 w/rare two-tone damascene, 21J

Hamilton, Grade 950 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Hamilton, 940 Special, 21J, scarce two-tone
South Bend, Grade 431, 21J, 12S, 14K
Hamilton, Hayden W Wheeler, 21J, 16S, rare
Hamilton, Grade 937 w/rare two-tone damascene
Hamilton, Grade 916, 17J, 12S, 14K
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 19J, 18S
Elgin, 17J, 12S, 14K octagonal case
Columbus, Ruby, 21J, 16S, scarce
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, Type III marking
Illinois, Bunn Special, 24J, 18S
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour w/marked dial
Hamilton, Grade 952, 19J, Ferguson dial
Hamilton, Grade 4992B with "Air Corps U.S. Army" marked mvt, World War II era military "Master Navigation Watch," 22J
Ball Hamilton, 21J, 16S, w/scarce Montgomery dial
Waltham, Vanguard w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Hamilton, Grade 992B, 21J, w/flip-top box
Hamilton, A.R.T.K. marked Grade 941, 21J
Hamilton, US Navy Comparing Watch, Grade 936, 17J
Ball Waltham, 19J w/Webb C Ball loaner case
Illinois, Washington Army & Navy, 21J, 18S
Howard Keystone, RR Chronometer w/scarce damascene

PB, quartz, 14K case & integrated bracelet

Rolex trench watch w/shrapnel guard, sterling silver

Gallet chronograph

Gallet chronograph

Bulova Accutron day-date, 14K gold case
Jean Louis Rohrich, 18K gold case
Mathey Tissot, 14K gold case
Herzfeld chronograph
Seiko "Turtle," ref 6309-7049
Omega, ref 166.070, automatic

18K yellow gold mesh wristwatch bracelet

Case only - Patek Philippe 18K gold OF case (photo below is of rear of case)

Rolex lady's mvt w/hands, caliber 2135

9K gold English watch chain

14K gold fancy link Art Deco watch chain
14K gold watch chain, 15 inches
Lot (880+/-) NOS glass pocket watch crystals, sizes from 12 ligne through 21 ligne, all sorted and wrapped
Lot (511+/-) NOS glass pocket watch crystals, sizes mostly 19 ligne to 20 ligne, all sorted and wrapped
WW parts lot, including Rolex, Omega & Valjoux
Lot (5) Assorted Rolex boxes
Patek Philippe inner & outer boxes w/pouch
English hand forged silver serving ladle, ca 1837

Lot (2) Hand forged 19th century silver ladles
Lot (2) Hand forged 18th c. silver basting spoons
Dial lot (10) Ball, 16-18S, enamel
Dial lot (17) American, enamel, mostly 16-18S
Dial lot (13) Hamilton, 16-18S RR styles
Dial only - L Audemars, Brassus and Geneve, 44mm
Horological assortment, PWs, mvts, dials, and more
Hamilton, flip-top box, scarce raspberry color
Lot (2) Cartier wallet & travel case
Rolex inner & outer boxes by Bufkor, made in USA

Elgin, pendant watch, 6S, 14K multicolor HC

Ball Waltham, B of RT Queen, pendant watch, 14K HC

Miniature ladies' pendant watch, 18K and enamel

Montandon, Geneva, pendant watch, 41mm, 14K HC
Waltham, pendant watch, 14K HC w/leaf engraving

Coin lot (59) US Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents
Coin lot (24) US Peace Silver Dollars
Lot (31) Liberty Head (Morgan), Peace Dollars, etc
Coin lot (167) US Washington Quarters, 1932-2000
Coin lot (200) 2000S-2008S proof sets
Coin lot (32) US Eisenhower Dollars, 1971-1978
Coin lot (59) US Liberty Head (Barber) Quarters
Coin lot (240) 2000PD-2008PD mint sets
Coin lot (60) US Kennedy Halves, 1964-1985S

Jewelry lot (22) Rings, w/gold, gemstones, etc.

Jewelry lot (11) Chains & bracelets,10K & 14K

Jewelry lot (3) Chains in 10K & 14K gold
Jewelry lot - Assortment w/gold, gemstones, etc.
Jewelry lot (24) Assorted w/gold, gemstones, etc.
Jewelry lot (13) Engagement rings, in 10K & 14K
Jewelry lot (14) Assorted rings, in both 10K & 14K
21K yellow gold diamond cut pendant & chain

Jewelry lot (3) Exquisite gold rings w/gemstones
Ruby, enamel & 14K gold articulating clown pin

Hand carved cameo & 14K rose gold pin/pendant

24K gold & lapis drop earrings

Sapphire, pearl & 14K rose gold Victorian bar pin
Onyx, pearl and 9K gold Victorian drop pendant

AS WELL AS over 70 lots of multiple wristwatches, pocket watches, and pocket watch movements!
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