"It's About Time Horology, Jewelry & Coins"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, July 2, 2020

This auction contains 200 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
Rolex, 14K case & integrated bracelet
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Diver
Epos Chronograph, ref 3300
Fortis Flieger pilot's watch
Epos Oversized
Classic 1 Minute Flying Tourbillon
Ulysse Nardin bracelet only, 6 inches in length
LeCoultre bumper automatic, w/unusual pierced lugs
Heuer Yacht Timer
Hamilton, deck watch with 54-hour winding indicator, 21J, 36S, massive 69mm sterling silver original case
Hamilton, Grade 4992B, military "Master Navigation Watch," 22J
Illinois, Bunn Special, 24J, heavy 14K
E Howard & Co, Series VII, 14K EH&Co HC
Illinois, Bunn Special Grade 163A, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar, Model 206 case
Hampden, 18S, 14K drum style HC
Hamilton, "For Special RR Service" marked mvt (rare marking), Grade 940, 21J
Waltham, 15J, 16S, 14K HC
E Howard & Co, Series VI, G-S, 14K HC
Elgin, 17J, 16S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 992 w/rare damascene, 21J
Hamilton, Grade 940 w/rare two-tone damascene, 21J
Howard Keystone, originally 23J, 14/12S, 14K
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J 60 Hour, scarce Type I
Hamilton, "Hamilton Special," Grade 940, 21J
Elgin, Grade 412 w/winding indicator, 21J, 18S
Illinois, Sangamo Special, 23J, crosshatch pattern
Illinois, 17J, 12S, attractive 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 992B w/rare yellow box, 21J
Hamilton, "Mermod & Jaccard's St. Louis Paragon Time-Keeper" with hourglass image to mvt and dial, Grade 926
Waltham, Riverside A, 19J, 10S, 14K
Hamilton, Grade 950B, 23J, 16S, gold train
Ball Elgin, Official RR Standard, Grade 334, 21J, 18S
Waltham, Canadian Pacific Railway, Model 1883, 17J
Illinois, Illini, 21J, 13S, 14K green gold
Illinois, Bunn Special 161A, Model 181 case
Howard Keystone, Series 0, 23J, ruby banking pins
Hamilton, Grade 900, 19J, 12S, 14K, w/original box
Hamilton, Canadian watch inspector, Grade 936, 18S
Waltham, Vanguard w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Waltham, Crescent St w/winding indicator, 21J, 16S
Hamilton, Grade 992B w/boxes, Model 15 case
Ball Waltham, Official RR Standard, 21J, 16S
Elgin, Veritas, Grade 453, 23J, 16S
Rockford, Grade 805, 21J, 18S, scarce RR grade
South Bend, The Studebaker, Grade 223, 17J, 16S
Exceptional 24K fine gold Figaro 24-inch chain
Lady's Olma, 18K gold case & bracelet
Waltham, Civil War era, 10S, 14K HC w/enamel inlay
Girard Perregaux lady's mini pendant watch, 14K
Waltham, 6S, 14K HC w/beautiful engraving detail
Coin lot (853) Buffalo Nickels & Liberty Nickels
Coin lot (870) US Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938D
Coin lot (64) US Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938D
Coin lot (34) US Liberty Nickels 1883-1912
Coin lot (1421) Canadian Coins
US 1937D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel
Coin lot (approx. 1050) US Jefferson Nickels (1938-2003)
Coin lot (4) US Liberty Head Nickels
Nickels lot (560) 556 Buffalo and 4 Liberty Head
Lot (466) Circulating US Comm Quarters & Dollars
Coin lot (133) Mixed nickels, dimes, quarters, etc
Coin lot (570) US Jefferson Nickels sets
Coin lot (240) US 90% Silver Hoard
18K yellow gold rope chain w/23K gold coin
Diamond & 14K rose gold Levian engagement ring
Jewelry lot (2) Gold & ruby ring & bracelet suite
Jewelry lot (2) Gemstone rings in 14K gold
PLUS nearly 100 LOTS WITH MULTIPLE ITEMS, such as:
Lot (6) Ladies PWs and case only, 14K and 18K gold
Jewelry lot (63) 10K & 14K gold, w/crosses, etc.
Jewelry lot: 10-16K gold, sterling, gemstones, etc
WW lot (4) Ball Official Railroad Standard, all run
Jewelry lot (7) 10K & 14K gold chains
PW lot (3) Hamilton, 19-23J RR grades, all run
Wristwatch Misc Assortment of bracelet parts w/Rolex, Omega & more
Lot (19) PW cases, 6-18S, majority are gold-filled
Large assortment of PW chains and chain parts
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