"Everything That Glitters Watches, Jewelry & Coins"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, June 11, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, June 18, 2020

This auction contains 210 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:

Omega Speedmaster "ED White" Chrono Pre-Moon, 1965

Rolex Precision "Jumbo," ref 4157, ca 1935, rare

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer, ref 6565

Rolex Oyster Royal Precision, ref 6564, circa 1958

Omega Cosmic Moonphase Calendar, ref 2473, 18K

LeCoultre - Vacheron Constantin mystery dial, 14K
Omega "Pie Pan" Constellation, ref 168.005
Longines tank, 18K yellow gold case
Zlatoust Russian Diver, oversized, w/box & papers
Universal Geneve Polerouter, ref 20214-4
Tag Heuer Aquaracer, automatic
Omega Jumbo, ref 2609-5
Omega "Jumbo" ref 2501-1
Elgin trench watch w/black enamel dial
Cartier Tank in Vermeil case

European Pocket Watches:
Patek Philippe, Genève, 49mm, 18K

Jules Jurgensen, 50mm, heavy 18K HC

Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen, 45mm, 18K
J.W. Benson, London, "The Ludgate, Best London Make" marked mvt, 52mm, 18K gold original HC
J.W. Benson, London, "The Field Watch" keyless lever, 51mm, 18K gold
Joseph Sewill, centre-seconds chronograph, 18K

Dent, London, 47mm, heavy 18K demi-HC

Alex Bruce, Manchester, 18K HC, engraved bee on mvt

Ulysse Nardin, Locle, pocket chronometer with pivoted detent escapement, 52mm
Dent, 61 Strand & 4 Royal Exchange, London, pocket chronometer with spring detent escapement, helical hairspring and 30-hour winding indicator, in need of restoration

Swiss, ultra-thin, 46mm, 18K
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd, London, keyless lever, 49mm, 9K gold original demi-HC

American Pocket Watches:
Hamilton, Grade 941 with two-tone damascene, 21J, 18S, 14K gold HC
Waltham, Model 1872, 16J, 14K drum style HC
Waltham, American Watch Co, Model 1888, 21J, 14K

Illinois, Bunn Special 163, scarce Type 1R variant

Waltham, Model 1868, 15J, unusual 14K display case
Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J, Model 107 case
Hamilton, Grade 940 Extra, 21J, 18S, two-tone
Elgin, Father Time, 21J, 16S, 14K
Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J 60 Hour
E Howard & Co, Series III w/rare rayed gilt damascene finish

E Howard & Co, Series I, serial #906
Hamilton, "Canadian Pacific, A. Ross & Co, Port Arthur, Ont" marked mvt, Grade 924, very rare RR marking

Elgin, 16S, 14K HC
Rockford, Grade 665 w/winding indicator, 17J, 16S

Hamilton, Grade 950 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Rockford, Grade 665 w/winding indicator, 17J, 16S (yes, another one!)
Hamilton, "North Coast Limited" marked mvt, Grade 940, 21J, 18S, rare RR marking
Illinois, Sangamo Special, 23J, unmarked 60 hour
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 19J, 18S
Waltham, chronograph w/register, 14S, unusual dial
Hamilton, Grade 4992B w/US Army Air Corps marking
South Bend, Grade 294, 21J, 16S, HC
Ball Hamilton, 17J, 18S, Webb C Ball loaner case

Ladies' Pendant Watches:
Hunt & Roskell, London, 40mm, heavy 18K HC

Waltham, PS Bartlett, Civil War era, 10S, 14K HC

Waltham, Appleton Tracy, 10S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 946, 23J, 18S, Montgomery dial
Hampden, 17J, 3/0S, 14K HC

Pocket Watch Movements Only:
Jules Jurgensen, minute repeater, 46mm, mvt only

Unsigned Swiss, 47mm, 19J, possibly Patek Philippe

Unsigned Swiss, 43mm, 19J, possibly Patek Philippe

Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen, two-train chronograph with 1/5-second jump
Ulysse Nardin, Locle, chronograph with 30-minute register
Reverse fusee spring detent quarter repeater mvt

Pocket Watch Chains & Fobs:
14K gold Victorian watch chain

Platinum & diamond Art Deco cloth watch chain

Lot (22) Pocket watch fobs, boxes & advertising

Marine Chronometer:
Waltham, lever escapement marine chronometer

Coin lot (47) US Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1890)
Coin lot (44) US Morgan Silver Dollars (1891-1921)
Coin lot (248) US Lincoln Cents, 1909-2006
Coin lot (78) US Winged Liberty Head (Mercury) Dimes
Coin lot (69) US Liberty Head (Barber) Half Dollars (1892-1915)
Lot (65) US Liberty Walking Half Dollars 1916-1947
Coin lot (28) US Standing Liberty Quarters, 1916-1930
Coin lot (33) US Liberty (V) Nickels, 1883-1912
Coin lot (65) US Buffalo Nickels, 1913-1938
Coin lot (55) Liberty Head (Barber) Dimes, 1892-1916
Coin lot (35) US Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
Coin lot (126) US Roosevelt Dimes 1946-2005P
Coin lot (25) US American Eagle One Ounce Silver Dollars 1986-2010
Coin lot (157) US Jefferson Nickels, 1938-2006

Ladies' Wristwatches:
Lady's platinum & diamond cocktail watch

Jewelry lot (9) 10K-14K gold bracelets & necklaces

Jewelry lot - 10K, 14K, sterling, etc. earrings
Jewelry lot (26) Rings in 10K, 14K, sterling, etc.
Jewelry lot (21) 10K & 14K gold, rings, pendants, earrings
Jewelry lot (17) Rings, pendants & chains, w/gold
Jewelry lot (9) 10K gold rings
Jewelry lot (8) 10K & 14K gold chains & bracelets
Diamond & 10K white gold cross on chain

Diamond & 14K white gold twist engagement ring
1.25ct diamond engagement ring
Emerald, diamond & 14K gold pendant and chain

Emerald, diamond & 18K gold cluster ring
Emerald, diamond & 18K white gold cluster ring
Emerald, diamond & 14K white gold cluster ring
Aquamarine, diamond & 14K white gold ring

14K yellow gold woven chain 18-inch necklace

Chinese market cigarette case in .800 silver

And over 80 lots containing multiple items, including:
WW lot (3) Assorted Bulova Accutron, two 14K gold

PW lot (8) Illinois, RR grades, 16S, all run

PW lot (4) Illinois, Bunn Spl 21J 60 Hour, all run

PW lot (3) Hamilton, Grade 950B, 23J, all run
Lot (36) PW cases, American, mostly 16S or 18S

PW lot (4) Hamilton, Grade 992B, 21J, all run
PW lot (4) English, three run

PW lot (2) Cornell Watch Co, KWKS, both NR
WW lot (3) US military issue, two run
WW lot (3) US military issued, all running
WW lot (3) Waltham silver trench, all running

WW lot (3) US Army issue (both run) & a compass

WW lot (2) Illinois trench, sterling, both run
WW lot (3) Vintage WWII military-style, all run
Lot (10) American PW boxes, mostly Hamilton

Large group of PW mvts, components and dials

Lot (2) Hamilton flip-top boxes, scarce colors

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