"Too Much Time On My Hands Watches & Jewelry"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, April 30, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, May 7, 2020
This is the auction we added to the schedule when our Live Auction on April 26th had to be rescheduled due to the pandemic.  Among the 200 lots, 30 lots originally scheduled for the April 26, 2020 Live Webcast Auction have been rescheduled for this online-only auction!  Full preview is available now through the above link.  Feel free to email or call the office with questions.  While many of us are working from home, we will get back to you!

Here are just a few highlights among the 200 lots:
European pocket watches:
Audemars Frères, Genève, minute repeater with triple calendar, moonphase and chronograph, 55mm, 18K gold

La Maisonnette, Swiss, minute repeater with chronograph, triple calendar and moonphase, 18K gold original HC

Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen, 51mm, 18K HC

Swiss, minute repeater with chronograph, triple calendar and moonphase, 14K gold
A. Johannsen, 149 Minories, London, 52mm, heavy 18K gold
Jurgensen, Copenhagen, quarter repeater, 18K
HR Ekegren, 48mm, 18K, w/original box
Joseph Johnson, lever fusee, 53mm, 14K (or better)
A Lang & Padoux, Genève, 50mm, 18K HC
Ed Peter, Lucerne, quarter repeater, 53mm, 14K HC
John Johnson, Liverpool, lever fusee, 18K
Webster, London, keyless lever, 48mm, heavy 18K
Charles Frodsham, lever reverse fusee, 48mm, 18K
Unsigned Continental, 52mm, 18K
Ja's McCabe, spring detent pocket chronometer w/helical hairspring
Laboulbene, quarter repeater, approximately 16K
Daniel's, Liverpool, lever fusee, 51mm, 14K case, gold dial w/lighthouse scene at center
"Bouvier & File, London" marked repoussé calendar
HR Ekegren, Copenhagen, 38mm, 18K
Litherland Davies & Co, 45mm, gold outer case
American pocket watches:
Hamilton, Grade 967, heavy 14K HC, rare

Waltham, Amn Watch Co, Model 1860, 15J, 16S, 18K
Elgin, 15J, 18S, heavy 14K gold HC

Rockford, Grade 900, 24J, 18S

Ball Illinois, Official Standard, 23J, 16S
Illinois, Bunn Special, 21J, rare 16S fishscale HC
Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I
Hamilton, Grade 993, 21J, 16S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 950 Elinvar, 23J, 16S, Mainliner
Ball Hamilton, Railroad Watch Co, 17J, 18S, rare
Ball Hamilton, rare agent marked watch with "G.W. Dickinson, Ashtabula, O." marked to mvt and dial
Illinois, Bunn Special with rare bright spotted damascene, 23J
Illinois, Bunn Special 161 Elinvar, scarce case
Elgin, 17J, 16S, 14K gold HC
Illinois, Washington, Lafayette, 24J, 18S, scarce
Ball Hampden, Superior Grade, 17J, 18S, scarce
Waltham, 14S, approximately 10K gold HC
Hamilton, Grade 940 "Standard," w/scarce RR dial marked "Zug's, Pan Handle Official, Carnegie, Pa."
Hamilton, Grade 937, fully marked, fancy dial
Hamilton, "Mermod & Jaccard's St. Louis Paragon Time-Keeper" with hourglass image to mvt and dial, Grade 927, 18S
Hamilton, Grade 2974B w/very low s#K021
Hamilton, Grade 992B w/rare green flip-top box

Rolex Chronometer Bubble Back, ref 2940, ca 1941

Omega Seamaster, ref 14770 SC-61, 18K gold case

Mathey Tissot Moonphase Calendar, 14K gold case

Jules Jurgensen, 18K white gold case
Rolex Oyster, ref 3139, circa 1943
Oyster Watch Co., Canada market, ref 2784, ca 1944
Glycine, 18K gold case
Zodiac Astrographic SST mystery dial
Seiko "Pogue" chronograph, ref 6139-6005
Vantage driver's watch

Jewelry lot (6) 18K yellow gold pieces of Egyptian style and origin

Sapphire, diamond & 14K yellow gold jewelry suite

Jewelry assortment, many in gold

Diamond & 14K gold triple tier pendant w/chain
Diamond & 14K gold cluster ring
Diamond & 14K yellow gold engagement ring suite
Jewelry lot (2) 14K gold pendants w/diamonds

Ladies' pendant watches:
Wright & Craighead, 37mm, 18K w/diamond
Waltham, 16J, 8S, 14K drum style HC

Writing instrument lot, in excess of 300 pieces

Valjoux chronograph WW parts & mvts

Lot (3) Omega stainless steel WW bracelets
PW mvt only - Illinois, Paillard Non-Magnetic, 21J
Lot (9) Vintage Rolex propeller case wrenches
Chain lot (2) Gold Art Deco style link chains
Lot (1,600+/-) New old stock PW crystals
Lot (990+/-) New old stock PW crystals
Lot (3) Flip-top boxes, two Hamilton, one unmarked
Lot (2) Hamilton flip-top boxes, tan and ivory
Lot (2) Breitling hat & Patek Philippe boxes
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