Bidding Opens: Thursday, January 30, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, February 6, 2020

This auction contains 175 lots for you to enjoy and study!  Click above for the full online catalog, or check out these quick highlights:

Pocket Watch Chains, Fobs and Keys:
Lot (4) Assorted 14K chains and fob

Lot (5) Assorted chains and fobs in gold

Lot (9) Highly desirable Victorian watch chains
Horological assortment chains, fobs, hands, crowns

Large assortment of PW chains & material
Lot (19) Diverse fobs and material
Accessory lot (13) Chains, fobs & watch keys

Lot (17) Assorted desirable watch chains

European Pocket Watches:
Patek Philippe, Genève, 45mm, 18J, 18K case, marked on case and mvt for retailer Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati

Patek Philippe, Genève, 45mm, 18J, 18K case, case and mvt marked for retailer W.F. Sellers & Co. of Altoona, PA

Swiss, Tiffany & Co, 20J, 50mm, heavy 18K case

Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, 45mm, 18K
High grade Swiss, 20J, 51mm, 14K case
Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, 48mm, 14K

Phillip Wolf, Swiss, 52mm, 14K HC
Chinese market lever w/automated dial figures
Nardin & Co, Genève, 43mm, 14K gold
Charles LeRoy, verge fusee, 14K and white metal
Smith, London, fusee quarter-hour repeater duplex

Rolex Oyster Royal, ref 4365, circa 1959

International Watch Co, 18K gold case

Clebar chronograph

Rolex Oyster Speedking, ref 6020, circa 1953
Harvard chronograph

Omega, bumper automatic, 18K case
Zodiac triple calendar with moonphase
Omega Seamaster, ref 2577-6, bumper automatic
Omega Jumbo, ref 2325
Longines, 14K gold case
Illinois "Jolly Roger," Model 176
Britix chronograph, 18K hollow gold case
American Pocket Watches:
Waltham, Riverside Maximus, 21J, 16S, 14K HC

Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co, Model 1860, 14K HC
Elgin, BW Raymond, 17J, 18S, 14K HC

Ball Hamilton, 998 Elinvar, 23J, 16S

Waltham, chronograph w/register, 14K case

Howard Keystone, Series 0, 23J, 14K Howard case
Ball Illinois, Official RR Standard, 23J, 16S
Illinois, Bunn Special 163, 23J 60 Hour

Hamilton, Grade 975, 17J, 16S, 14K gold HC
Hamilton, Grade 966, 17J, 16S, rare
Hamilton, Grade 992, 21J, 16S, 14K gold
Illinois, Grade 179, 21J, two-tone, scarce

E Howard & Co, Series II, 15J, coin silver case
Hamilton, Fred McIntyre, Indian Territory, 21J
Illinois, Sangamo Special, unmarked 60 hour, 23J
Hamilton, Grade 921, 21J, 12S, 14K gold case
Waltham, Cronómetro Supremo, 21J, 16S, rare
Illinois, Grade 116, 17J, exceedingly rare
Waltham, Maximus A, 21J, 14/12S, 14K green gold
Elgin, Father Time w/winding indicator, 21J, 16S
Ball Hamilton, Grade 999B, 21J, scarce 2B serial #
Ball Elgin, Grade 334, 21J, 18S
Hamilton, Model 23 chronograph, 19J
Hamilton, Grade 992B, low serial #C181
Waltham, Vanguard w/winding indicator, 21J, 16S
Pendant Watches:
Elgin, 15J, 0S, exquisite 14K HC

Philippe Dubois & Fils, 37mm, 14K drum style HC

Rockford, 17J, 0S, beautiful 14K HC

Coins & Paper Money:
Silver coin lot

Currency lot (48) Collectible US paper money

Large mixed coin lot

Coin lot silver dollars, proof sets, large cents

Large coin and medal lot

Large lot of coins and bills
Saltwater pearl, diamond & 14K starfish pendant

Diamond & 14K white gold halo engagement ring

Diamond & 14K white gold halo stud earrings
Diamond & 14K white gold asymmetrical cocktail ring
Diamond & 14K gold half hoop earrings
Opal, diamond & 14K white gold dress set

Ladies' Wristwatches:
Lady's Tag Heuer Formula 1, quartz

Lady's Omega Seamaster Polaris, quartz
(27) Fully Illustrated Chronograph Watch Course

Rolex & IWC accessory assortment

Hamilton, Grade 940 mounted as marine chronometer

Lot (6) Hamilton Watch Co advertising items

Ball Official RR Standard rare aluminum box

Cadencia pocket metronome w/box & instruction card

Marine Chronometer:
Waltham, lever escapement 8-day marine chronometer

Over 50 lots of multiple items including pocket watches, wristwatches, movements, dials, crystals, and more!
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