"Watches & Chains Featuring Part 2 of Montana Collection!"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, January 16, 2020
Bidding Closes: Thursday, January 23, 2020
This auction contains 150 lots, with about 75 of these lots coming from the other half of the very special collection out of Montana!  (The rest of the Montana collection was in the previous online auction from January 2-9.)  Most of the pocket watches and pocket watch chains from the Montana collection are in gold!

This auction includes the following highlights:
Dudley, Masonic, Model 2, 19J, 14K green gold

E Howard & Co, Series VII split-plate, 14K HC

Elgin, GM Wheeler, 18S, 18K box hinge HC

Waltham, Vanguard, 16S, 14K multicolor boxed HC
E Howard & Co, Series VII, 14K HC w/scalloped band
E Howard & Co, Series V, hound grade, heavy 14K HC
Keystone Watch Co, 15J, 18S, 14K HC
Elgin, 17J, 16S, superb 14K HC w/scalloped band
E Howard & Co, Series VII, 14K HC w/scalloped band
Waltham, Riverside five-minute repeater, silver HC
Hampden, 21J, 16S, 14K multicolor box hinge HC

Waltham, Riverside, Model 1888, 14K HC
E Howard & Co, Series VI, 18K HC
Elgin, 17J, 16S, superb 14K HC
Elgin, 13J, 16S, 14K HC
Howard Keystone, Series 5, 19J, 16S, 14K
Elgin, 17J, 16S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 946, 23J, 18S, superb case
Ball Hamilton, Grade 999B w/scarce striped pattern
Waltham, Crescent St wind indicator, UK military
Hamilton, Grade 992B w/original boxes, 21J

Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, 16S, bold Montgomery dial
Hamilton, Grade 946, 23J, MT private label dial
Waltham, Vanguard w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Waltham, The Electric King, Model 1883, very rare
Illinois, Bunn Special 161A, 21J 60 Hour Elinvar
Swiss, minute repeater w/chronograph, heavy 14K HC

Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, 21J, 50mm, 14K, for American retailer Hight & Fairfield Co. of Butte, Montana

Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, 44mm, 14K
Swiss, marked for Montana retailer, 51mm, 14K HC
Non-Magnetic Watch Co, Swiss, 14K HC
Tiffany & Co, Swiss likely by Agassiz, 18K
CH Meylan, Brassus, 46mm, platinum and iridium

LH Willard, Geneva, 44mm, 18K gold and enamel HC

FL Barbezat, Chaux-de-Fonds, 44mm, 18K HC
Concord Watch Co, Swiss retailed by Tiffany & Co, 14K gold
Modernista sector watch, jump-hour
International Watch Co, IWC, 18K gold case

WW lot (2) Monopusher chronographs, both run

Longines Comet mystery dial, ref 8475

Omega Waterproof
LeCoultre Powermatic
Americus 8-Day, unusual size

Omega Seamaster, ref 165.002
Gruen Precision, Model 117/64, 14K white gold case

14K sliding double-Albert watch chain w/fobs

14K yellow gold double-Albert pocket watch chain

18K yellow gold double-Albert sliding watch chain
14K yellow gold box style watch chain with wax seal fob, fraternity fob, key fob, and T-bar

10K gold heavy link watch chain with 14K gold clasp and bloodstone fob
9K rose gold English double-Albert w/pentagram fob
14K rope watch chain w/T-bar & Victorian tooth fob
14K yellow gold dress pendant watch chain

Waltham, 8S, 14K HC w/scalloped band

Waltham, 7J, 6S, approximately 10K multicolor gold HC

Waltham, Prisrilla, 0S, 14K multicolor HC

Le Comte, Geneve, 38mm, 18K
Elgin, 15J, 6S, approximately 10K HC
Perle cocktail watch, 14K gold, rubies & diamonds

Cartier Tank
Longines cocktail watch, platinum & diamonds

Waltham, lever escapement 8-day marine chronometer
Over 50 MULTIPLE ITEM lots, including:
Assorted chronograph WW parts and mvts in various states of repair

Mvt lot (2) J.R. Arnold, Prest's keyless, both NR
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