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"Watches & Chains Featuring Part 1 of the Montana Collection!"
Bidding Opens: Thursday, January 2, 2019
Bidding Closes: Thursday, January 9, 2019

Welcome to our first online auction of the new year!  This auction will contain 150 lots, half of which will be from a very special collection out of Montana!  The rest of the Montana collection will be in the next online auction from January 16-23.  A large portion of the pocket watches and pocket watch chains are in gold!

This auction contains 150 lots for you to enjoy and study, including the following highlights:
European Pocket Watches:
Non-Magnetic Watch Co, Swiss, high grade minute repeater, 18K gold

Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, 52mm, 18K HC
Agassiz Watch Co, Swiss, US $20 gold coin watch

D. Goddard & Son, Worcester, Mass, serial #11, English made lever fusee import with hacking function, 12K

Swiss, chronograph, 51mm, 14K HC
Fontanil a Paris, cylinder with jump hour, 41mm, 18K gold
Volta, Swiss, minute repeater, 53mm, multicolor gold-filled
Perret Bouisse & Girard, 47mm, 16K, w/14.5-inch gold-filled chain w/sliding T-bar, 10K gold key fob, and gun metal lock-form locket with gold-filled accents and a hideaway photo slot within
American Pocket Watches:
Waltham, Crescent St. marked "Non-Magnetic," Model 1883, 18S, 14K multicolor gold box hinge HC

Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co, 18S, massive 14K HC
Elgin, doctor's watch, massive 14K box hinge HC

Illinois, Bunn Special, 21J, 16S, 14K multicolor gold HC

Waltham, 18S, very heavy 14K box hinge HC w/attractive engraving detail
Waltham, five-minute repeater, 16S, gold-filled HC
Elgin, 15J, 18S, 14K box hinge HC
Hamilton, Grade 946 Extra, 23J, rare marking

Waltham, 7J, Model 1883, 14K HC
E Howard & Co, Boston, Series VI, G-S, 18K HC
Elgin, 11J, 18S, 14K drum style HC
Howard Keystone, 19J, 16S, 14K HC
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, 14K
Elgin, Convertible, 16S, 14K HC

Ball Hamilton, 998 Elinvar, 23J, 16S
Elgin, BW Raymond w/winding indicator, 23J, 16S
Hampden, Chronometer, 21J, rare HC
Hamilton, Grade 923, 18S, Standard, St Louis, rare
Pendant Watches:
Elgin, 10S, 18K gold HC w/black tracery enamel

Waltham, Riverside, 8S, heavy 18K HC

Hampden, 6S, spectacular 14K multicolor HC

Waltham, 11J, 8S, 14K HC
Waltham, 13J, 6S, heavy 18K drum style HC
Vacheron & Constantin, 27mm, 18K w/enamel

Elgin, 15J, 6S, heavy 14K HC
Elgin, 11J, 6S, heavy 14K HC
Waltham, 15J, 6S, 14K HC
Rolex Precision, ref 2546, circa 1933, 9K case, as found

Rolex Oyster Viceroy, ref 3359

Seiko "Kakume" Chronograph, ref 6138-0030

Glycine, 18K
Minerva signed monopusher chronograph
Hamilton Gordon, 18K
Gruen Day-Night
Bulova Snorkel 666 "Devil Diver"
Bulova Accutron, 14K case
Alsta Date-Chrono

Pocket Watch Chains & Fobs:
14K Victorian watch chain w/heavy oval links

English 9K double-Albert watch chain w/22K coin
14K Victorian watch chain
14K gold fancy link watch chain w/10K clasp &T-bar
10K double-Albert watch chain w/locket fob

English 9K watch chain w/gold-filled fob, etc.
14K gold adjustable double-Albert watch chain w/10K locket fob
10K watch chain with T-bar and fob
14K Victorian watch chain
14K curb link watch chain
Navistar sextant by C. Plath of Germany, in box

Lot (9) Assorted Rolex boxes

And so many more, including about 45 lots with multiple items!
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