"Third Annual Christmas in July Horology, Jewelry & Accessories"

July 4-18
SPECIAL TWO-WEEK AUCTION featuring 175 "gift-ready" lots!  Click here to view and bid!  BIDDING NOW OPEN!  The auction will close on Thursday, July 18th beginning with lot 1 at 7:00 pm EST sharp!  All lots end 30 seconds apart thereafter.
Patek Philippe, Calatrava, ref 2507, circa 1953

Vacheron Constantin, ref 34016, 18K gold

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Precision, automatic, ref 5500, circa 1964

Piaget, 18K gold case & bracelet

Rolex, ref 9576, circa 1962, 18K gold

Meylan Chronograph

Chopard, quartz, 18K gold, w/extra Chopard straps

Rolex Cellini, ref 3833, circa 1973, 14K gold case

Vacheron & Constantin, 18K gold case w/paperwork

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, ref 1603, circa 1968

Waltham Depolier Waterproof watch

NOS Hamilton X-01, multi time zone, quartz, designed to replicate the watch made by Hamilton in the 1960s for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, limited to a run of 2001 pieces,  from the estate of Skip Marrone
Tiffany & Co, Tesoro Chronograph, quartz, stainless & 18K, 37mm x 39mm to lug tips

Jaeger LeCoultre, 14K gold

Hamilton Otis Reversible w/box, from the estate of Skip Marrone

Hamilton Odyssee 2001, from the estate of Skip Marrone

Benrus Sky Chief chronograph

Minerva chronograph

LIP, electronic R27 Prototype, not running, added to this auction for its collectibility

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer Bubbleback, ref 3372, circa 1946

Tissot Seastar Chronograph, ref 40508-6X

WW lot (20) Assorted American Hamiltons, a ready-made collection! We felt this was worthy of our Christmas in July auction even though four of them are not running

LeCoultre, with boxes & papers

LeCoultre Futurematic

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Mariner

Hamilton Chronograph w/original inner box

Omega Constellation Chronometer, ref 168.017

Bulova 14K wristwatch & 14K tigers eye cufflinks, from the estate of the former Mayor to New York City and US Ambassador to Spain, Robert F Wagner

Concord 18K wristwatch & pair of 14K cufflinks, from the estate of the former Mayor to New York City and US Ambassador to Spain, Robert F Wagner

Rolex expandable rivet Oyster bracelet only

T.F. Cooper, 6 Calthorpe Street, Gray's Inn Road, London, fusee pocket chronometer with spring detent escapement and helical hairspring, 18K gold

Geo Carley & Co, London, minute repeater with free-sprung balance, heavy 18K gold

Parkinson & Frodsham, Change Alley, London, lever fusee with winding indicator, heavy 18K gold

Patek Philippe, Genève, 51mm, signed for retailer Bailey, Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia, mvt also marked "Special," heavy 18K gold

Robert Ward, London, gold repousse verge fusee, 50mm, 18K gold

Tiffany & Co, Geneva, 41mm, 18K gold

Patek Philippe, Genève, 49mm, 18K HC, KWKS

Jules Jürgensen, Copenhagen, 46mm, 18K gold 

Devereux Bowly, London, 50mm, original OF pair cases with gilt and shagreen outer, 18K gold inner 

Dietrich Gruen, 21J Gruen Watch Co Precision, Chronometer Balance, 14K white gold

International Watch Co, Schaffhausen, 52mm, 14K gold

Electa Watch Co, Swiss, Laforge & Valentine, Lifetime Series, 48mm, 14K gold
Waltham, 18S, stunning 14K multicolor box hinge HC

Elgin, 18S, superb 14K drum style box hinge HC

Hamilton, Burlington Special, Grade 940, 21J

Hamilton, Grade 994 scarce bridge model, 21J, 16S, 14K gold 

E Howard & Co, Series V, L-S, very heavy 18K case

Waltham, Riverside Maximus, 21J, Model 1888, very heavy 14K gold

Hamilton, Grade 993, uncommon pendant-set, mvt marked "Special," 21J, 16S, 14K gold, from the estate of Skip Marrone
Illinois, Sangamo Special marked 60 Hour, 23J

Hamilton, "Mermod & Jaccard's St. Louis Paragon Time-Keeper" with hourglass image on mvt and dial, Grade 943, 21J

Illinois, Bunn Special, Grade 163A, 23J 60 Hour Elinvar

Ball Illinois, Official RR Standard, Grade 810, 23J

Ball Hamilton, Official RR Standard, Grade 998 Elinvar, 23J

Waltham, Riverside Maximus, 23J, Model 1899, 16S, heavy 14K gold

Ball Hamilton, Official B of LF Standard (Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen), Grade 999D, 17J, 18S, scarce

E. Howard & Co, Series VIII adjusted, 14K gold

Waltham, Chronograph, Model 1884, 15J, 14S, 14K gold

Ball Hamilton, Grade 999C with rare brake-wheel damascene, Official B of RT Standard (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen) Standard, 17J, 18S

Ball Hamilton, Grade 999A, Official B of LE (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers) Standard, 21J, 18S

Waltham, Dennison, Howard & Davis, serial #3284

Hamilton, Grade 922 "Masterpiece," 23J, 12S, heavy 18K white gold OF original case with Masonic markings

E Howard & Co, Series XII, split plate, 14K case

Elgin, B.W. Raymond, in 2 oz coin silver recase, "Pennsylvania Railroad Co" marked on dial

Waltham, Pennsylvania Special, Model 1892, 21J, 18S

Howard Keystone, 23J, 16S, 14K gold

Elgin, Father Time with winding indicator, OF model mvt with very rare conversion style dial, 21J

E Howard & Co, Series V, L-S, 14K drum style HC

Elgin, Lord Elgin, Grade 351, 23J, 600 made

E. Howard & Co, Boston, Series VI, heavy 18K gold, cuvette with Oregon Steam Navigation Company 1882 presentation

Elgin, B.W. Raymond, Grade 390 with winding indicator, 21J, 18S

Waltham, Riverside A, 19J, Colonial size (14/12S), in platinum

Hamilton, 950 Elinvar, 23J, 16S, Model 5 case

E Howard & Co, G-S, 18K drum style EH&Co HC

Waltham, "Made for Canadian Railway Time Service," Grade CRTS, Model 1892

Hamilton, Grade 925, private label for "W. F. Laraway, Glenwood, Iowa," from the estate of Skip Marrone

Hamilton, scarce Grade 964, from the estate of Skip Marrone

Illinois, Washington Watch Co, Lafayette, 24J, 18S, in coin silver
Hamilton, Grade 950B, 23J, with mottled raspberry colored hard plastic Hamilton flip-top box, from the collection of Gene Greenwood
Howard Keystone, Series 5, 19J, 14K case

Lot (2) Hamilton, Grade 992 Elinvar with consecutive serial numbers, 21J, both come with papers, from the collection of Gene Greenwood
Hamilton, Model 21 marine chronometer, fusee-drive with spring detent escapement, 56-hour power reserve winding indicator

Hamilton, Model 22 deck watch with winding indicator, 21J, "U.S. Navy - Bu. Ships - 1943" mvt marking

Hamilton, Grade 3992B, 22J, World War II era Navigation Master Watch made for British military use, from the estate of Skip Marrone

Hamilton, Grade 992 Elinvar, rare Bu. Aero U.S. Navy "Aircraft Navigational Watch," 21J, from the estate of Skip Marrone

Breitling-Wakmann "Navigational Stop Watch" (chronograph & 12-hour timekeeper) for US military
Gold lot (3) One Troy Oz. (each) gold maple leaf coins - Canada

Platinum lot (3) with 2 coins and 1 bar

1 Troy Oz. gold bar OPM metals U.S.A.

2014 one Troy Oz. gold kangaroo - Australia.

Gold coin lot (2) 1976 $100 CAD Olympics gold coins - Canada

Lot of Canadian Olympic Coins

Coins lot (3) Carson City Silver Dollars in U.S.Mint Plastic cased and boxes

Lot (16) Silver coins of Canada, with nine $50 silver coins and seven $20 silver coins

Coin lot (7) Silver Dollars

Omas, Harlequin refillable fountain pen with 18K white gold nib from the "Omaggio of Armando Simioni" limited edition run of 750 pens

Omas, Ferarri 348 Challenge refillable fountain pen with 18K white gold nib with prancing horse logo

Diamond & 14K yellow & white gold tennis bracelet

Diamond & 14K gold tennis bracelet

Diamond & 14K white gold engagement ring

Diamond & 14K white gold halo engagement ring

Diamond & 14K gold engagement ring

Diamond & 18K gold eternity band

Sapphire, diamond & 14K gold tennis bracelet

Diamond & 14K gold cluster ring

Ruby, diamond & 14K gold cluster ring

Diamond & 14K gold anchor pendant

Lady's Festina, quartz, 18K gold, w/boxes

Lady's Festina, quartz, 18K white gold & diamonds

Lady's Bvlgari wristwatch

Patek Philippe, Genève, 33mm, 18K gold original demi-hunter case with blue enamel fancy initials on rear, blue enamel numerals on front

Elgin, 0S, exquisite 14K HC w/peacock engraving

Mahonany watch chest of five drawers for 50 watches in felt insets and alower drawer for fobs and chains, Lid with plaque of Webb C. Ball
Bloodstone & 14K gold fob chain w/black enamel

Tiffany & Co sterling silver leaf ashtray

Lot (2) International Watch Co mvt shipping boxes

Watch box lot (2) Custom made birch boxes with royal purple crushed felt lining
Watch box lot (2) Custom made birch boxes with royal purple crushed felt lining (yes, two lots!)
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