"Fresh to the Market Collection from Brooklyn, New York WITH ADDITIONS"

March 7-14
We are excited to bring you this auction offering timepieces and other items from a collector from Brooklyn, New York!  All items from the Brooklyn collector are new to the market, and each lot will be identified as from this Brooklyn collector in the full online auction listing.
This auction will also include many excellent additions from other consignors, to bring the total number of lots up to 135.
CLICK HERE FOR PRICES REALIZED!  Bidding closed on Thursday, March 14th.

Some highlights:
Jules Jurgensen, minute repeater, bow set, 18K HC, 1888 etched on back cover (see photo)
14K yellow gold mourning frame with lock of hair
Ageron a Paris, hour repeater, hour striking clockwatch, verge fusee time train with second going barrel train for strike, 53mm, 10-12K rose gold
Patek Philippe, Genève, triple signed for Tiffany & Co, 47mm, 18K gold
14K yellow gold envelope and letter
Baume & Co., London, minute repeater, heavy 18K
Patek Philippe, Genève, early stemwind, 45mm, 18K
Ball Hamilton Official B of LE Standard (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers) marked dial & movement
Unsigned French repeater with music on demand, as found
Dudley, Masonic, Model 2, 19J, 12S
14K yellow gold Art Nouveu necklace
Delachaux freres, Locle, two-train dual time zone traveler's watch (this type also often referred to as a "captain's watch") with quarter-second jump and independent center-seconds, 18K gold
Vacheron & Constantin in gold
Gallet Chronograph
Illinois, Bunn Special, 23J, 18S, rare HC model
Swiss, minute repeater, 51mm, 14K HC
Patek Philippe pendant watch, 37mm, heavy 18K HC
A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte, Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation (DUF) grade, 49mm, 14K gold
Rodania Monopusher Chronograph for the Royal Canadian Air Force
AR & JE Meylan triple chronograph
14K green gold snuff box
Fresard, Swiss, minute repeater, 48mm, 14K gold
Otay Watch Co, P.H. Wheeler, 15J, 18S, scarce
Ball Hamilton, Grade 998 Elinvar, 23J
International Watch Co., Schaffhausen, 49mm, 14K gold
Jn Viridet, Geneve, verge fusee, 14K or better
Le Roy & Fils, Paris, quarter-hour repeater, 45mm, 18K gold 
PW lot (3) European, gold OF cases, KWKS
Diamond & 14K gold necklace
Hamilton, Grade 950, 23J, 16S, heavy 14K case
Hamilton, Hayden W Wheeler, 21J, 14K gold HWW case
M.J. Tobias, Liverpool, traveler's watch, 18K gold
R. & G. Beesley, Liverpool, lever fusee with hacking function, 50mm, heavy 14-16K gold
James Poole, Clerkenwell, London, lever fusee, 51mm, 18K gold
Swiss, day-date calendar with moonphase, 47mm, 18K
Vacheron & Constantin, 46mm, 18K V&C case
Swiss world time, 58mm, gunmetal 
Unsigned, fusee repeater, 55mm, 18K gold
Breguet & Fils, fusee repeater, 54mm, 18K gold
Poitevin & Co, split-seconds chronograph, 14K
Hamilton, Tiffany & Co signed dial and case, Grade 922, 23J, 12S, heavy 18K gold
Mann, Gloucester, 48mm, 18K gold original consular style demi-hunter case 
E Pridham, Bayswater, lever fusee, 49mm, heavy 18K
Diamond & 14K gold hinged bangle bracelet
Aurora, Grade 10, 17J, rare "Ruby Jewel" top grade
Vacheron & Constantin in 14K HC w/gold nugget finish
Longines Weems pilot's watch w/period Longines box
Wm Finch, verge fusee w/calendar, ca 1767
$2.5 dollar Indian head gold piece bracelet (22K gold coins with 14K yellow gold connecting jump links and clasp)
D. Stewart, Dingwall, lever fusee, 50mm, 18K gold
MI Tobias & Co, Liverpool, gold case, superb multicolor gold dial
Breguet, Paris, 31mm, 18K gold OF case
Unsigned quarter-hour repeater, 18K recase
14K yellow gold florally engreaved match safe with integrated striker on bottom edge
Hampden, Lafayette, 15J, 18S, 14K gold HC
Swiss, 50mm, 14K gold, dial w/angel figures (no automation)
Emily Rose, verge fusee, 55mm, 18K gold
Lovewell, London, verge fusee, ca 1758, w/rare key
Hampden, Paul Revere, 19J, 12S, 14K gold case
Illinois, 21J, 12S, 14K white gold
$10 Indian head gold piece pendant (22K gold coin with 14K holder)
Omega Constellation, 14K gold
Lot (4) Gold fobs
Diamond and 14K gold necklace
Agassiz, 45mm, 14K gold case w/hidden hinges
Waltham, Riverside, 19J, Model 1908, 16S, 14K gold OF original case with exquisite rear engraving
Elgin, 15J, 16S, 14K drum style HC
Palmer Watch Co, 15J, 17S, very rare maker
$2.5 Indian head coin cufflinks (22K coins in 14K)
English verge fusee, 43mm, 18K consular case
Unsigned, quarter-hour repeater, fusee, 59mm
$2.5 dollar gold piece earrings (22K gold coins with 14K gold mountings_
$5 gold piece pendant (22K coin in 14K mounting)
Star sapphire & 14K gold cufflinks
Jewelry lot (4) Gold with diamonds, one also with emeralds
14K gold fancy link neck chain, 30 inches long
Diamond & 14K gold engagement ring
Lady's Cartier tank
Diamond and 18K gold blooming flower pin with 14K pin stem
Saltwater pearl & 14K gold Japanese ring
Tiffany & Co inkwell fountain pen in 14K gold
18K gold oval chain bracelet
WW lot (10) Assorted Swiss dive watches
Mercier, Swiss, 43mm, 18K gold
Olivier Quartier, Locle, 48mm, 18K gold OF case
Jewelry lot (4) Assorted desirable pins in a period velvet presentation case
PLUS 50 MORE LOTS, including a couple lots of multiple watches!!  FULL PREVIEW WILL BE AVAILABLE BEGINNING ON FRIDAY, MARCH 1ST!
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