3rd Annual Holiday Online Auction

December 7-14
Jones & Horan is thrilled to present our third annual December Holiday Auction, featuring 131 “gift-ready” watches, jewelry and accessories.  This auction has closed - CLICK HERE for prices realized!  
A full listing follows, with a few photos to entice you.  Click above for the full auction catalog!

Charles Fasoldt co-axial double wheel chronometer escapement
Illinois Bunn Special Grade 163A with very desirable "Flying J" style Montgomery dial
Elgin, 16S, in heavy 14K multicolor gold case with red garnet on back
Ball Illinois, Official RR Standard 23J
Elgin in heavy 14K gold
Waltham, P S Bartlett in 14K
Hamilton 21J grade 990 in gold with original box
Elgin, B W Raymond, in 14K rose gold
Illinois, Bunn Special grade 163, 23J 60 Hour, Type I marking
Illinois, Bunn Special 24J, with viking ship on case
Elgin, 12S, in heavy 14K multicolor HC
Hamilton, grade 920 23J, 12S, heavy 18K OF
Hamilton, grade 975 in 14K HC
Waltham Vanguard, rare 17J model 92
Elgin, Veritas 23J with winding indicator
Elgin, Veritas 23J with winding indicator (yes, there are two different ones!)
Hamilton, grade 946 23J
Illinois, Bunn Special 24J
Hamilton, grade 922 23J, 12S, in 14K white gold
Howard Keystone, 21J in 14K, with original boxes
Elgin in 14K
Hamilton, grade 938, private label mvt
Hamilton, grade 4992B 22J, nearly unused condition
Howard Keystone, 21J, mvt marked "No 10"
Waltham, 23J Vanguard with up/down winding indicator
Ball Hamilton, 21J grade 999
Ball Waltham, Official RR Standard 17J
Columbus, marked New Columbus Watch Co on dial and mvt
Hamilton, 23J, model 920

Patek Philippe, ref 2551, retailed by Gubelin of Lucerne, Switzerland
Man's Vacheron & Constantin, Genève, ref 6908, in 18K white gold...
...and matching lady's Vacheron Constantin, Genève, ref 7150, in 18K white gold
Ondin, lady's platinum, diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby peacock watch
Patek Philippe, ref 3362
Laco B-Uhr World War II oversized flight watch, issued to the German Luftwaffe
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer, ref 1550
Omega Flightmaster GMT Chronograph, Ref 145.038
Bulova lady's cocktail watch in platinum & diamonds
Lady's Jaeger LeCoultre Etrier, made for Hermès of Paris, in 18K yellow gold
Rolex Datejust Chronometer, ref 16014
Hamilton Coronado
Wakmann triple date chronograph

Omega Seamaster Deville, automatic, ref 6590-1, in 14K yellow gold, with original box and paperwork dated 7-26-69
Movado for Tiffany & Co, one button chronograph
Ollech & Wajs automatic chronograph
Rolex Oyster Viceroy Chronometer, ref 3359
Breitling Chronomat, automatic chronograph
Eberhard & Co, Traversetolo Vitre
Vertex W W W issued British military watch
Rolex Cushion in 9K gold
Rolex Chronometer Bubble Back, ref 3696, in 10K two-tone case
Rolex Chronometer Bubble Back, ref 2940
Hamilton cocktail watch in 14K gold and diamonds
Movado, retailed by Cartier in 14K
Rolex Oyster Speedking, ref 4220
Tiffany & Co, automatic in 14K gold
Fortis Fliger
Military Chronograph
Hamilton Masterpiece
Illinois Ritz, also known as the "Valedictorian"
Stührling Original tourbillon with 24-hour dial and day-night sector
Lady's Girard Perregaux in 14K white gold and diamonds
Omega Seamaster Deville, ref 14765-61SC
Lussac Chronograph

Rolex two-tone Jubilee bracelet with signed deployment clasp, stainless steel with 18K gold center links
Jules Jurgensen in 18K gold
Elgin in 14K multicolor gold with high relief bird on rear

Elgin in 14K gold
Waltham in 14K gold
Waltham, Sapphire series, in 14K high relief Art Nouveau OF case
Viner & Co, Regent St & Royal Exchange, London, in heavy 18K
Robert Roskell, Liverpool, rack lever fusee, in 18K gold pair cases
William Dixon, 45 King Square, London, lever fusee, in heavy 18K gold
H L Matile, Locle, high grade in heavy 18K gold
Leroy quarter repeater in 18K demi case
Ulysse Humbert, Locle, in heavy 18K gold
Geo Falconer & Co, Hong Kong, in 18K gold
John Forrest, London, lever fusee, in 18K gold
Swiss mvt marked for retailer Gaven Spence, Newark, NJ, in heavy 14K
Reuge, Swiss, modern Swiss musical watch, "The Fountain" automation with four actions
Stead & Pearson, Bradford, sweep second chronograph with power reserve
W Clarke & Sons, 173 Goswell Rd, London, fusee mvt also marked "Denton, Wellington NZ," in 18K gold

M I Tobias, Liverpool, in 18K gold
Longines Timer for the United States Navy

Ulysse Nardin silver deck watch

Fine quality wide platinum weave bracelet
Bold 14K yellow gold bracelet with articulating links
Jewelry lot (3) 18K gold bands with diamonds, rubies, and/or sapphires (red, white and blue!)
18K yellow gold woven necklace (16 inches)
Lot (2) 14K gold graduated bead necklaces
Ruby, diamond and 18K yellow gold cluster ring
Lot (2) Pairs of gold earrings, one Tiffany & Co
Ruby, diamond and 18K white gold ring
Ruby ring
Pink sapphire, diamond and 18K white gold ring
Amethyst, diamond and 14K white gold ring
Sapphire, diamond and 14K yellow and white gold bangle bracelet in the style of David Yurman
Jewelry lot (2) Platinum and diamond bands
Emerald, diamond and 18K white gold ring
Morganite, diamond and 14K rose gold ring
Diamond and 14K white gold ring with satin finished sides
$2.5 gold piece and 14K yellow gold bark finish ring
$2.5 Gold piece, synthetic sapphire and 14K yellow gold pendant
Lot (2) 14K gold whale tale pendants suspended on 14K gold chains
Jewelry lot (3) 14K Cameo set
Diamond and 14K yellow gold cluster ring
Emerald, diamond and 18K yellow gold ring
Diamond and 18K yellow gold cluster ring
Opal, diamond and 18K yellow gold ring
Diamond and 18K yellow gold cross pendant with chain
Emerald, diamond and 18K yellow gold ring
Diamond, 18K yellow and white gold earrings with twisted wire rope design
Lot (2) Fine 9mm cultured pearl necklaces with two gold and diamond clasps (can be worn combined)
Fine exquisite large pearl pendant on platinum rope necklace
Lot (3) Tiffany & Co, Peritti, .925 sterling silver, includes three pendants and two chains
Emerald, diamond and 14K white gold ring
Blue diamond, white diamonds and 14K white gold ring
Chocolate diamonds and 14K white gold band
Blue topaz, diamond and 14K white gold ring
Opal, diamond and 14K yellow gold ring
Sapphire, diamond and 14K white gold ring
Jewelry lot (2) Pairs of sapphire earrings
Lot (4) Pairs of earrings

14K gold pocket watch chain with T-bar
14K gold double Albert rope watch chain
Superb and unusual articulating anchor fob in gold

French 8-day half-hour repeating carriage clock
French midsize carriage clock retailed by Bigelow, Kennard & Co, time & alarm

Lot (2) Pennsylvania Railroad hat badges for a conductor and a trainman
Lot (6) Watch holders (figural, elephant, locomotive)
Lot (5) Figural watch holders
Lot (6) Watch holders (bird or fish themed)
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