Selling Vintage Watches, Old Coins, Estate Jewelry and Clocks at Live Auctions

No Buyer's Premium and No Sales Tax

About Us

We sell vintage watches, old coins, estate jewelry and clocks at live auctions.  We hold these auctions at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire about four times per year.  We have loyal customers from all over the world.  Here is a little history of how we got started:

In 1945:       George Jones, Sr  (George Jones' dad) was the Manager, and eventual owner, of a 200 acre Dairy farm in Goffstown, NH.  He sees the potential for dealing in Antiques when he allowed his customers to pay their milk bills with items found around the house and barn.  He guides his son, George Jones, Jr as he develops an uncanny ability to deal in the Antiques market.  

In 1983:       George Jones, Jr and Patty Horan get married.  Patty quits her teaching job, gets her Auctioneer's license, and the Jones & Horan Auction Team is formed.  The new auction house enjoys immediate success based upon the established honest reputation of the Jones family, and their contacts within the farming community.   

In 1985:       Tim Decker, a long time friend and founding Auction Team member, finds a customer who wants to consign vintage watches to a Jones and Horan auction.  Soon after, Patty diverts all the company's resources into developing a specialty market for Horological items.  

In 1987:       Marc Bourque, owner of Super-Systems, joins the Team as a computer consultant.  He develops a clerking system for Jones and Horan that is reproduced and sold all over the country.  He guides us as we launch one of New England's first websites onto the fledgling World Wide Web.

In 1995:      Frank Davis joins the Team as Property Developer, and restores an old barn into a comfortable, efficient office.  Nowadays, he heads Inventory Control and is a well-loved consultant on Old Coins and just about everything else!

In 2012:      Jones and Horan Auction Team's pristine reputation results in having clients from all over the world.  The May, 2012 auction grossed almost one and one half million dollars.