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Saturday, April 3, 2004 at 12:30 pm

On view: at auction location Friday, April 2 from 6pm-9pm and on Saturday, April 3 from 8am-12:15am (day of auction) 

Additional viewing may be scheduled at our office by appointment before March 27.

Auction Location: Radisson Hotel Merrimack, NH     

All items sold without Buyer's Premium or Sales Tax

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Jewelry, Snuff boxes with inset watch, Elgin Freesprung Deck Watch

1 Ladies 18K Retro bracelet 54.6 DWT

2 Lot of (10) 9K ladies Victorian dress pieces

3 Victorian pin in 18K and enamel 12.4 DWT

4 Tiffany earrings 18K Peretti Heart

5 (4) pearl pieces with 14K clasps; 18" pink coral necklace, 7" Baroque pearl bracelet, 18" Baroque pearl necklace, and an 18" 6.4mm pearl necklace

6 (4) pearl necklaces with gold clasps; 17" Baroque pearl, 7" Baroque pearl, 28", and a 16"

7 Ring-14KWG with 2.50ct TW cluster diamonds

8 Chain-14K pink gold and platinum, 18.9 gr

9 Tennis bracelet 14K 1.80ct TW diamond

10 Bracelet 14K tri color 10.9 DWT

11 Ring-14KWG baguette diamond

12 Ring-14KYG with 1.20ct TW diamond

13 Ring-14K baguette diamond guard ring with 1.20ct TW diamonds

14 Ring-filigree 1940s 18K with .50ct TW diamond

15 Chain-14K with blood stone fob 22 gr

16 Chain-14K double strand "Dickens" 31 gr

17 (2) pieces 14K; double circle pin and an open center pearl bangle bracelet

18 Ring-14K 1.00ct TW Pave diamond and Marquise sapphire

19 French snuff box-gilt 58mm box with Berthoud Paris watch inset to lid

20 Lepine Paris burlwood snuff box with inset verge/fusee watch with pierced/engraved balance cock, original signed dial with stone (diamond?) settings between the hour numerals, silver stone-set hands, c1770. The box has engraved presentation to "Benj. Franklin LLD". (It comes with no documentation regarding its past ownership, but it is known that Benjamin Franklin visited Paris in 1767, sailed to France as American Commissioner in 1776 after signing the Declaration of Independence and became Minister to France in 1779, watching the Montgolfier Bros fly the first hot-air balloon near Paris in 1783.) #264025 75mm x 44mm x 41mm

21 Deck watch-Elgin #14578483 21J freesprung Father Time deck watch, in original Keystone 63mm sterling silver case with gold hinges and winding crown, perfect enamel dial, original hands. The mvt with gold wheel train, raised gold jewel settings and diamond endstone, c1909. The watch comes with its original mahogany signed silk lined and lockable box with matching serial number on the ivory plaque and indicating that it belonged to the U.S. Ships Bureau as ship watch no. 197. These watches represent one of the finest achievements of American Horological craftsmanship and were produced in very low numbers (believe fewer than 300 were made).


22 A Lange & Sohne Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation, Glashutte, 14K, triple signed, 1/S marked on perfect DSD, LS S#37378 49mm

23 Agassiz 8 day with up/down indicator 14S 18K OF in fancy walnut signed box with outer box

24 American Waltham 17J in the finest 18S multi colored 14K Leon Watch Co three-color gold full box hinge with unsigned shield, floral on one side and three running horse heads on other, all in different colors and with diamond set eyes, deeply engraved Vermicelli band, (light hl)

25 Am Watch Co, 1878, Waltham, Mass 13J 14S 18K gold box hinged HC, front and back have ribbed rounded edges that create a sandwich look, fancy uncarried case, S#1276813 nickel mvt stem wind Woerds Patent 1878 mfg (dial has noticeable chip at 10 and hairline to center post)

26 Am Watch Co, Hillside, Waltham, Mass LS 14S 14K gold box hinged HC, maple leaf pattern engraved around edge of front and back, gilt mvt (needs crystal and has two light hls)

27 American Waltham Canadian Railway Time Service 18S 17J SW SS S#7453550 silverode screw recase with train engraved on back

28 American Waltham Watch Co 18S 14K SW LS hinged HC with scalloped edges, ornate engraving with crest-like motif initials WB in center, stag in grass on back case, nickel DMK checkerboard mvt, comes with fabulous 13" chain with large 9ct amethyst

29 Audemars, Piguet & Co triple signed slide minute repeater in 47mm silver OF case 30J adj 7 pos

30 AWWC American Waltham Watch Co five minute repeater with fine, dial, case and mvt; HC is ET on front and back, with LB engraved on front, nickel mvt is patented 1888, S#3793938

31 AWWCo chronograph in uncarried 18K gold boxed hinged AWCo HC with very heavy NI DMK mvt S#1621423 Aug 6, 1880 mvt marked Oct 3 1876 and Sept 28 1880, patented in England

32 AWWCo repeating chronograph S#3793259, white double sunk dial in poor condition, recased

33 Breguet Paris, quarter hour repeater 18K hinged case with ET pattern on back, lock down cuvette ring to get to mvt, white enamel dial, black moon hands, KW with fine strike

34 Charles E Jacot, Chaux de Fonds, 18K double-sprung HC with rare two-tier mvt marked "Improved straight line lever, fully jeweled in ruby and sapphire", patented in 1859; an early KW example with its original brass-bound rosewood box and certificate, c1860, #2641 46mm

35 Columbus Watch Co 18S SW LS 14K box hinged HC, BWCCo multi colored gold floral and signate on front, bird and floral branch on back, nickel mvt with damaskeening, (light hl on edge at 11)

36 Columbus contract for Sweeny & Coombs Houston, Texas 18S 14K with light ET on front and back, CW Co on mvt, patent pending engraving on bridge S#30538, reversible OF to HC by JJ McCrane hinged by large 1" solid gold swivel (a rare if not unique case style with good case repair, hl) like new mvt

37 Columbus, Ohio 18S GF hinged HC, dust cover, heavy damaskeening, 23J dial marked Columbus King 23 Jewels (hls), mvt marked Columbus King

38 Columbus Watch Co 18S 14K hinged HC with multi colored flowers and star with diamond in center

39 Cornell Watch Co San Francisco S#23272 silver hinged hunter recase, engraved bridge

40 Dent 23 Cockspur St, London, Watch Maker to the Queen 18K with outer travel case S#24919 KWKS ET 34mm

41 Dudley Masonic #3917 in WGF case

42 E Howard, Boston #2353 series two 15J mvt with exposed stopwork and gold balance in what appears to be an original sterling D & Co case, unusual blued steel trident hands, c1860, 55mm

43 E Howard coin silver eagle mark OF 15J #23850 series 3 mvt with rare Coles escapement, c1869, 58mm

44 E Howard unmarked series 0 23J 14K OF watch with original mahogany box and matching certificate. Mvt #953144 with jeweled mainspring barrel, raised gold jewel settings, fully adjusted with damaskeening on the bridges, c1907, 49mm

45 E Howard & Co Boston #62712 HC series V, L size, nickel deer-grade 15J mvt, in what appears to be the original E H& Co 14K pink gold OF case, Roman numeral dial with original hands, c1890, 52mm

46 E Howard N-Size Series IV S#36026 Roman porcelain dial with patent date, umbrella hands original sidewinding 18K OF case signed A Skinner & Son Boston

47 E Howard & Co Boston series 8 15J S#300591 in original EH&Co 14K fine stem wind case

48 E Howard N-Size Series IX original EH & Co 14K HC S#400475

49 E Mathey Tissot & Co slide minute repeater 25J in heavy 14K OF

50 Elgin GM Wheeler gr 103 18S 14K box hinged HC, multi colored gold floral and signate on front, multi colored floral and stag on back, nickel mvt with damaskeening, engraving on bridge (light hls)

51 Elgin Watch Co Father Time with up/down indicator 18S GF SW LS S#21098235 1918 free sprung, floral engraved back Union 25 yr case

52 Elgin National Watch Co 16S in heavy 14K multicolored scalloped HC with fancy dial, cuvette marked in script writing "Presented to David Rogers by Employees of Shipbuilders Department Puget Sound Navy Yard 10-31-06"

53 Elgin Watch Co Veritas with up/down indicator 16S 23J GF SW LS S#25271233 white dial, black Arabic numerals, black extra heavy spade and whip hands, 23J, adj 5 pos, Philadelphia GF 20 Yr case

54 Elgin B W Raymond 18S with up/down indicator 21J #15768858 1910 in GF swing-out case, white dial, black Arabic numerals, single sunk seconds and up/down dials, black spade hands, nickel mvt with spyrograph damaskeening around center of mvt and each wheel, adj 5 pos (hls)

55 Elgin 6S 18K #717011 very elaborate and fully engraved and scalloped case, inlaid with black enamel in floral patterns and centered on each side with village scene and bouquet of flowers, gilt 15J c1880, 45 mm

56 Elgin National Watch Co recased 14K gold box hinged HC, floral wreath with diagonal band and signate in center (hls)

57 Elgin National Watch Co 12S 14K very sharp multi color

58 Elgin 6S 11J 14K pink gold #4548737 scalloped HC with unusual 4-color gold floral decoration on both lids, the rear centered with a diamond, nickel mvt, c1891, 41 mm, with original retailers presentation box

59 Elgin HL Culver 18S 18K gold hinged HC engraved top and bottom, KW with filigree engraving on bridge S#47755

60 Elgin 16S 14K HC full box hinge plain polished front and back, finely engraved band with box

61 Elgin 18S KW S#1137147 in fantastic octagonal coin warranted silver case with engraved American eagle, shield and arrows, perfect dial with hinged bezel

62 Elgin HH Taylor gr 80 18S GF box hinged HC, edges and side engraved, front and back engraved with bars creating square frame, 15J

63 English John Fairey Ratcliff Highway, London in almost uncarried condition 18K 54mm S#1377 white porcelain dial with upper calendar and lower seconds, fancy gold hands, extremely thick coin edge case, bullseye crystal

64 English Rich Wilson Gold repoussee paircase with Greek or Roman scene on back, white dial, 48mm (very light hl)

65 English Geo Allan Fleet Street, London S#775 18K repousse pair case, Biblical scene on back, pearl on push button, KW, gold dial, with jewelers paper from Robert Sharpe, Horologist, Mount Clemens, Michigan, 46mm

66 English G&R Beesley S#20106 in rare 18K reversible case with same S# (dial with very fine hl at 2)

67 English Johnson Liverpool gold Captains Watch, 54mm, 14J lever mvt, silver dial has lady playing mandolin

68 English 18K fusee R&G Beesley Liverpool S#11049 on mvt and case, 52mm with fine multi color dial and four New York watch papers (minor professional outer case repair)

69 English Chas Frodsham 50mm 18K S#9458, KW mvt marked "JR Arnold, Chas Frodsham, 84 Strand, London" swing-out ET case, white dial marked "Chas Frodsham London 9458" with seconds dial

70 English silver repoussee with fine porcelain RN dial with red five min outer markers, finely engraved case

71 English William Bent London, 18K 53mm KW, cuvette engraved "Presented to Rev I C Lambert BD by the UP Congregation, Stewarton on the occasion of his first Anniversary, 22nd Jan 1885", swing-out mvt

72 English Wm. Cooper Liverpool lever fusee S#26584 on mvt and case in a massive 59mm 18K fancy engraved and ET HC, Roman porcelain dial signed "Railway Time Keeper" in red

73 PW-French Duchene & Compagnie pump repeating KW, center of back case has perfect enameled picture of woman on swing with man pushing, surrounded by band of navy enamel with light blue flower and gold leaf, surrounded by another gold band, surrounded by rhinestones, perfect enamel

74 French Duval, 36mm diamond, gold and enamel swing-out case, back case with couple at fire with doves, edged in pearls, front circled edge with seed pearls, gold dial with band of white around edge

75 PW-French Fres Esquivillon & Dechoudens GF paircase KW with simulated diamonds around edge of backcase; has scene of boy carrying basket of flowers teasing white dog with cherries, house, and pines in background, surrounded by navy background with gold roses, 45mm

76 French ladys gold multi color OF with turquoise, garnet and glass in a heavy engraved design, 41mm

77 Fusee Clay London #2794 20/22K repousse verge, with pierced rococo balance cock and elaborately pierced pillars; signed dial and mvt, case is repousse with three classical figures and London hallmarked for 1760, 47mm

78 Fusee English ornate double pair case Jam Benoit multi color gold dial with serpentine hands, shagreen outer case with gilded ornamentation; middle case in high carat (probably 22K) repousse of Knights at feast, and contains watch paper "Finer & Knowland", inner gold case with stamped dust cover Jam Benoit London 12020, fully cut balance with Griffins

79 Fusee Colonial America silver pair case contract watch, verge mvt H Mitchell New York c1790 S#548 with Concord NH watchmaker paper Ivory Hall, case and mvt numbered 548, outer case with very minor wear to engraving and WJJ initials

80 Fusee Faleony a Paris, 18K verge with 3-color courtship scene verso, diamond-set bezel and hands and with diamond markers between the hours on the dial; the mvt has pierced/engraved bridge cock and square pillars, c1770, 42 mm

81 Fusee Lepine, Paris 18K verge in Louis XVI case with box hinge and applied multi-colored gold floral decorations and painted polychrome portrait of a lovely young lady verso; with original enamel dial and gold filigree hands, c1780 #12041 41mm

82 Fusee English I Henry Pool Lane Liverpool S#1368 in like new 18K pair case, rack lever, mint mvt (light hl)

83 Fusee English R Roskell rack lever gold pair case with gold spade hands, jewelers paper from FA Loew with chain (outer case has small area of damage)

84 Fusee English Thos Mills London silver paircase filigree gold hands with fancy silver pierced chain, jewelers papers from Richard Webb, Brecon, Alex W Torry, King Street, Castle Douglas, 52mm (hls)

85 Fusee English verge 18K double pair case L Lawrence Royal Exchange London S#9674, SB case maker

86 Hamilton 23J 950 Elinvar in original 10KYGF Hamilton screw back and bezel case, the mvt with gold center wheel and jewel settings, adj to 5 pos; the perfect dial is marked "23 Jewels Railway Special", c1933, 50mm

87 Hamilton Watch Co 992 16S 21J SW LS with very rare fully marked "Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad, No. 238" white Montgomery double sunk railroad dial, nickel double roller mvt with line damaskeening, adj 5 pos S#1676763 1919 Fahys swingout case

88 Hamilton Masterpiece 12S 23J 14K adj 5 pos, gold wheel train, Art Deco case, original silver dial with applied gold Arabic hours, c1928, #3011938, 45mm

89 Hamilton 946 23J S#459915 SW LS 18S GF screw case, nickel mvt with heavy damaskeening, wavy lines raying from center, adj 5 pos

90 Hamilton 18S low serial number #553, mvt and double sunk Arabic dial signed "Harrington & Freeman, Boston Mass" in glassback jewelers display case

91 Hamilton Ball Watch Co Model 999 23J S#B64824 16S GF screw case, adj 5 pos, motor barrel circular damaskeening lines on mvt

92 Hamilton Railway Special 950B GF Hamilton screw case, 23J adj 6 position, like new

93 Hamilton contract for Merritt & Co Jewelers, Northville, Mich 21J S#89075 in fine 14K full box hinge HC

94 Hamilton 16S 21J 14K sharp HC S#10706, engraved Art Nouveau pattern, church on back, adj 5 pos, GJS (hls)

95 Hamilton Watch Co Railway Special 950B S#22087 SW LS 23J 16S GF, inside case stamped "Railroad #17", adj 6 pos, bar over crown (dial has crazing)

96 Hamilton Watch Co Railway Special, 950B 23J S#25114 SW LS 16S adj 6 pos

97 Hampden Railway 18S 14K HC SW LS with castle and river scene, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals

98 Illinois Bunn Special 18S 21 ruby jewels adj 6 pos GF screw case DSD with restoration and fabulous multi color mvt S#1934568

99 Illinois Bunn Special 60 hrs 161A 21J double roller SW LS 14KYGF screw case with link engraving around edges of case, white dial, black Arabic numerals, black spade hands, single sunk seconds dial, barrel mvt, adj 6 pos (hls)

100 Illinois GF HC embellished on both sides with gold and enamel Masonic symbols and phrases, Masonic dials #1237442 contract "Wilson Bros. Greenfield Ohio" 6S

101 Illinois Watch Co 60 hour Bunn Special Model #173 S#5305711 23 jewel adj 6 pos, motor barrel Model 173 Bunn Special 14KGF screw case, DSD marked "Illinois Bunn Special 23 Jewel 60 Hour" dial (2nds bit has light hl)

102 Illinois Watch Co 60 Hr Bunn special, 16S LS SW with "Illinois Bunn Special" marked dial, Model #173 Bunn Special case, 60 hr 23J grade 163 on mvt, GF two tone screw case, railroad crown, adj 5 pos nickel mvt horizontal damaskeening lines

103 Illinois Sangamo Special 23J motor barrel S# 4556762 YGF signed Sangamo hinged back and bezel OF case DS porcelain dial

104 Illinois 23J 60 hr 16S SW LS S#4818832 6 pos, 60 hr Montgomery aftermarket dial

105 Illinois Bunn Special 18S GF S#2069482 perfect dial, mvt marked "Adjusted Temperture 6 pos Isochronism Jeweled Barrel double roller 23 Ruby Jewels"

106 Illinois Bunn Special, silver box hinged nickel mvt with damaskeening and gold engraving, 23 ruby jewels, adj 6 pos

107 Illinois Bunn Special 18S 24J GF hinged HC, train on back, adjusted

108 Illinois Bunn Special S#1400448, 24 ruby jewels, adjusted, safety pinion, ET

109 Irish John Donegan 32 Dame St, Dublin S#12884 18K gold swing-out HC, heavily engraved front with harp and crown on top, backcase with floral bouquet in center, date mark V, 52mm (hls)

110 Jules Jurgensen Copenhagen heavy 18K hinged and ET HC bow setting, triple signed 42mm S#11799

111 Longines 21J hi-grade WW2 deck watch with 24 hour dial and 60 hour up/down indicator, the mvt adjusted to temperature and 5 pos, micrometer snail regulator; in original YGF case, c1940, #6195261 53mm

112 Masonic watch in silver niello case with gold inlaid Masonic symbols; the perfect enamel dial with polychrome has Masonic symbols for each hour, gilt Swiss 15J lever mvt c1890, 52 mm

113 MJ Tobias quarter hour pump repeater in gold floral engraved case with white porcelain dial, S#19842, 49mm

114 New York Watch Co, Springfield, Mass 18S, very heavy 18K gold hinged HC engraved on front with initials IBS, nothing on back, nickel plate mvt with crystal cover under cuvette S#9119; balance cock set capped with large jewel

115 Otay Watch Co "Native Son" 18S 14K HC, ET front and back case, white single sunk fully signed dial, black Roman numerals, black morning glory open hands, rare 4 star gold and nickel star engraved tu tone mvt with damaskeening; has the notable regulator advancement of placing a head and slot in a more operable position (dial has small edge chip at 4)

116 Patek Philippe 18K ET HC #144088 case is applied with a diamond-set royal cipher under a crown (not identified), signed gilt 15J mvt c1909, 50mm

117 Patek Philippe #52542, 18K HC with original box and certificate and spare crystal, c1878, 35 mm. Case and dial in near mint condition; gilt 10J cylinder mvt with gold balance and wolfs tooth winding

118 Patek Philippe & Co 20J 48mm S#17514 8 adj nickel case and mvt marked Patek, mvt also stamped pat Jan 13, 1891, porcelain dial marked Tiffany & Co Switzerland

119 Patek Philippe and Co 49mm 14K OF contract for Duhme & Co Cincinnati Ohio, triple signed Duhme & Co, nickel mvt S#91087, like new

120 Patek Philippe pendant HC 38mm ET with matching case and mvt S#75743 number and triple signed Greenwood and Bros Norfolk VA for Norfolk Virginia retailer CF Greenwood and Bros

121 Patek ladies 18K HC with Patek papers ref.35699, 32mm (hl)

122 Pennsylvania Railroad Co 18S KW Elgin, S#126842, 15J BW Raymond gr 69, coin silver OF case signed "J.R. Reed & Co Pitts" (Pittsburgh Pa) plain polished case with faint but legible #529 engraved on raised circle in center of back (the locomotive number) Roman porcelain dial signed "Pennsylvania Railroad Co" open Tulip hands, all original (this watch is from the first run of the first American watches to be commissioned by a Railroad)

123 Philadelphia Watch Co contract for Carrington, Thomas & Co Charleston, SC S#2431 18K with black enamel gold hinged HC, KWKS Paulus patent Aug 25, 68

124 Philadelphia Watch Co S#2013 E Paulus Patent in very fancy 14K KW HC

125 Pocket Chronometer USA contract for Wm E Harpur, Phil #531 18S gold swing-out HC by C&CPW; dial, mvt and most case ET is perfect, mvt marked #531 with platinum timing screws, helical hairspring and spring detent

126 R Roskell Liverpool 18K 47mm S#73331 hinged case, white single sunk dial marked Robt Roskell Liverpool; an uncarried ET watch in its original marked R Roskell box

127 Repeating automaton, 58mm gold plated over silver hinged case hr. repeater; Revolutionary Americans hit hammer against bells that are supported by Eagle, cherub with serpent and dog in bottom front case; center surrounded by white band. Fine ET case with signate in center backcase (hls at 4, 6, 10, all functions sharp)

128 Rockford Watch Co 18S 24J RG "marked Railroad grade" OF in fine GF Star case, perfect dial, S#535325 GJS with elliptical jewel setting on bridge SW LS gr 900 model 9, 2 star watch

129 Rockford Watch Co low serial #5246 in rare and very heavy 18S 18K original HC, excellent condition

130 Rockford Watch Co with up/down indicator 16S 21J S#861604 GF screw recase, white dial, single sunk seconds and up down dials, black Arabic numerals and red second numerals, black spade hands, nickel mvt with wavy damaskeening adj 5 pos

131 Rockford 18S 24J GF HC gr 800 SW LS fancy blue and red dial, crisp case

132 Scotland James Porter, Glasgow S#2497 in 49mm 18K demi hunter swing-out case, front case has Roman numeral dial around bulls eye, single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, KWKS

133 Sea captains watch, TP Achard, Valparaiso two train, sweep second chrono in heavy 18K HC 53mm

134 Seth Thomas 25J Maiden Lane 18S with 24hr dial GF box hinge case, fabulous two tone mvt also marked adj 5 pos and temp, S#35028 a fine 3 star watch nicely recased

135 Swiss heavy 18K HC slide minute repeater with chronograph and 30 minute register, probably a higher-grade product by Barbezat-Baillot (Le Phare) of Le Locle Switzerland due to the shape of the balance cock and the centrifugal governor. Well jeweled nickel lever mvt, slide repeat, single sunk dial, 18K cuvette c1900

136 Swiss 18K 55mm with "Observation Time Piece, Double Time, Independent Jump Seconds, Ht. Perregaux, Locle, 23" engraved on cuvette, and "Emma Dixon Douglas 707 Broderick St. San Francisco" stamped around inside watch band, case has heavily engraved front with two hunters, two dogs at edge of forest looking on to fields; back has rearing stallion, white single sunk double dial (hls),

137 Swiss minute slide repeater Huegenin Breguet 46mm 18K OF SW NI mvt; matching case and mvt #26660, signed Huegenin-Breguet on dial and mvt

138 Swiss uncarried double dial calendar watch in 14K ET HC 50mm LS with perfect white porcelain dials

139 Swiss hi grade contract for Harris & Shafer Washington, DC triple signed 14K OF (one light hl), wolf tooth winding, regulator stamped Pat Jan 8, 84

140 Swiss Jean Nessi Cahux de fonds, quarter hour plunge repeater gold 44mm KWKS OF

141 Swiss Alpha dial signed chronometer, with 17 blue sapphire jewels in platinum OF case with 58 diamonds around bezel

142 Swiss contract for Shreve and Co San Francisco high grade 19J NI 48mm triple signed, SW, signed on cuvette GA Urquhart

143 Swiss E Gubelin Lucerne chronograph 16S 14K HC #53997

144 Swiss high grade slide minute repeater, NI mvt, jeweled to the hammers, metal dial, 18K OF signed "Diener Hermanos-Mexico", 49mm, as is, (minute rack has been removed-functions as repeater, other poor repairs, hands missing)

145 Swiss highly jeweled split second chrono for the American market for Alex Newburger 14K 46mm nickel mvt jeweled to the center, triple signed

146 Swiss World Time lever mvt signed Normal Watch Co gun metal OF case with glass cuvette fancy porcelain dial with sub dials and hand for six time zones, 52mm

147 Tiffany & Co #118470 18K OF watch by Patek Philippe; signed PP & Co under the dial and with Pateks well known 1891 patent indicated on the 18J nickel mvt with wolfs tooth winding and micrometer regulator, c1901 43 mm

148 Tiffany ladies 18KYG and diamond hunter pocket with Patek mvt. With Patek papers ref #81550, 33mm fancy dial and diamond set bow on cover

149 Unmarked fully jeweled chronograph with jump seconds, perfect dial and clean GF case, pin set, gold seconds hand, black moon hands, 54mm

150 US Watch Co, Waltham MA, "A new watch company at Waltham, estd 1885" engraved on mvt, 18S GF white dial with seconds dial, cuvette engraved with ribbon and hanging flower, with oval framed picture of river city, this unusual reversible case has removable cuvette, stamped Patented April 25 1883

151 US Watch Co Cha G Knapp, Marion, NJ S#60350 in 18K 6S hinged HC, ET and engraved front and back, KWKS (hls)

152 Vacheron & Constantin (signed Abraham Vacheron Girod), Geneve #21275 18K verge fusee in very elaborate multi-colored gold case, the back and bezels completely applied with three colors of applied floral decorations, on a hammered background and further applied with gold beaded scrolls and set with rubis, turquoise and jadite, the equally fancy silver dial with central enameled rosette on an ET ground and with Roman numeral chapter and a 3-color gold floral border, c. 1825 45 mm

153 Vacheron & Constantin Furderer Jaegler & Cie 18K hinged case, SW PS, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, black German margins, gold light spade hands, 46mm S#261821

154 Vacheron & Constantin contract for Jaccard Jewelry Co, Kansas City 21J 14K hinged case, engraved RFG, white single sunk dial, black Germanic numerals, black spade hands, Vacheron Constantin mvt

155 Vacheron & Constantin, Geneva 18K hinged case, Breguet moon hands, 17J, 8 adj; in original box triple signed, for Caldwell & Co

156 Vacheron & Constantin 14K OF #369626, highest quality rhodium plated mvt with 21J and 8 adj, c1915 in original contract case, 45mm

157 Waltham 18S silveroid OF with 11J-15J gilt mvt, the case has gold inlaid train on the back, the dial with rare hand-painted early locomotive and tender, c1899, #9150694, 58mm

158 Waltham Am Watch Co, Waltham Mass Model 72 16S 15J, heavy 18K original gold hinged HC, ET circles front and back with signate in center of front, white single sunk dial (hls) black Roman numerals and red German margins, black moon hands, watch paper "Compliments of the Crescent Watch Case Co", S#2634852-1884

159 Waltham 14K chronograph in original Waltham HC, presentation on cuvette "Presented to G. E. Schmidt By his Father Aug. 15, 94 S#3159468 beautifully chased band on case, fancy scroll initials

160 Waltham 16S 23J Vanguard up-down indicator in rare Union Pacific engraved case marked "N.F. Dudley" and "#7", c1927. The mvt #26561091 with Lossier inner terminal hairspring, screwed raised gold jewel settings, gold center wheel and gold escutcheon and adjusted to 6 pos, 51mm

161 Waltham American Waltham Watch Co M83 heavy 18S 14K Solidarity multi colored hinged HC, floral and shell pattern damaskeening on inside of cuvette (hls)

162 Waltham Watch Co Dennison, Howard & Davis, #1131, 31st watch in 2nd run 1857 silverine case, white dial, black Roman numerals, seconds dial

163 Waltham 16S M99 Amn grade, marked 19 Ruby Jewels, adj GCW, raised GJS, gold gilt screws, S#8938981 (Waltham S# list describes this run as "Special") double sunk Arabic enamel dial and 14K OF Roy case

164 Waltham Lady Waltham M90 18K 6S 16J SW SS hinged HC, black enameling with white dots

165 Waltham Watch Canadian Pacific Railway 18S 17J SW SS S#1255386 silveroid screw case engraved on back with stag, white dial, single sunk seconds dial, black Arabic hour, red minute numerals, black light spade hands, with beaver and heavy damaskeening on bridge and multi circle damaskeening on inside of back cover

166 Waltham Watch Co American Waltham Watch Co SW LS 18S 18K 17J hinged HC with heavy ET on front and back, white single sunk dial with gold filigree around hand post


167 Corum 18K 10 gram clean (mechanical not quartz)

168 Hamilton Piping Rock 1st model in 14K

169 Hamilton YGF dual dial doctors watch, rectangular case and stepped bezel, fine original condition, some darkening on dial edges, fine mvt and case

170 Hamilton doctors GF with black dual dial, rectangular case clean

171 Hamilton white 14K bracelet with 32 quality diamonds in bezel (approx 2 cts), with diamond dial

172 LeCoultre Futurematic 14K with power reserve

173 Longines SS chrono 2 register round pushers screwback

174 Longines ladies 18KWG and diamond bracelet, with manual wind

175 Renee moonphase, full calendar with chronograph as new in box with papers, stainless

176 Rolex 2 Tone PG&SS automatic bubbleback hooded with 2 tone band ref. 3065

177 Rolex 18K pink gold bubbleback ref 6050

178 Rolex 14K and steel Oyster Perpetual Datejust with Thunderbird rotating bezel ref 16253 S#6297169

179 Rolex ladies 18K and steel Oyster Perpetual Datejust ref 69173 S#R367247

180 Rolex Datejust 2 tone with box and papers

181 Rolex steel Oyster Date ref 6694 S#2233728

182 Rolex steel Oyster Perpetual ref 6084 S#797736

183 Rolex steel Oyster ref 6426 S#1211927

184 Rolex, ladies 18K with original 18KWG band in original box

185 Swiss chronograph 18K Halgreen rectangular pushers

186 Swiss chronograph in 18K, marked BYN 17J rectangular pushers

187 Waltham Masonic GF (light dial crazing but overall very good condition)

More Pocketwatches

188 Agassiz SW LS silver case, white dial, black Roman numerals, single sunk dial, black moon hands, nickel mvt 57mm, triple signed

189 Am Watch Co 14S chronograph S#2403356 coin OF (short hl), gilt mvt

190 Am Watch Co 14K hinged HC with engraved florals and star

191 Am Watch Co 6S SW LS gold box hinged HC, engraved floral and square frame, center on back has castle

192 American Waltham Watch Co gold box hinge 14S HC with fern pattern engraving on side of case

193 American Waltham Watch Co 18S 21J fine tu tone mvt, case engraved with birds and flowers (hls)

194 American Waltham Watch PS Bartlett in mint 18S coin full box hinge HC KWKS S#1791314

195 American Watch Co P S Bartlett 18S silver OF low S#11155 KWKS

196 AWCo Seaside, Waltham Mass 6S 14K HC, engraved with floral arbor on both sides, with swan on back

197 AWWCo Riverside Maximus 16S 21J with perfect script dial adjusted S#10049762

198 Ball Hamilton Model 999B 21J 16S LS GF screw case, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, black spade hands, nickel mvt with circle damaskeening, adj 6 pos S#1B9088

199 Ball Watch Co Hamilton 21J S#B620018 10K GF screw case, black Roman numerals, black heavy spade hands, single sunk dial, adj 5 pos, concentric circles on mvt and wheels

200 Ball Watch Co Official RR Standard B601328 23J 16S with B25511H scratched on cuvette, 14KWGF, SW LS, black spade hands, circle damaskeening, adj 5 pos

201 Ball Watch Co Hamilton Model 999 18S 21J GF swing-out recase, white dial, black Arabic numerals, single sunk seconds dial (dial cracked and chipped around numerals 68) black light spade hands, nickel double roller mvt, sapphire pallets

202 Ball Watch Co Waltham 21J SW LS S#B207386 GF screw case, white dial, German sunk seconds dial, black Arabic numerals, black spade hands, nickel mvt with concentric damaskeening from center out

203 Illinois Sangamo Special 16S 23J GF screw case, adj 6 pos, signed Montgomery Burlington DSD (hls)

204 Columbus RWK Special 18S Columbus GF hinged HC, engraved front and back with palm pattern, initials on front, bright contrasting gold and yellow gold mvt

205 Columbus Watch Co 6S stem wind 14K HC with fancy engraving

206 Cornell Watch Co San Francisco 18S OF KW in recased silverine case, Cornell dial, S#26651

207 D Gruen & Sons 16S SW KS made expressly for Brown & Grant, Saginaw, MI on bridge, 14K GF case with "WKT" engraved on back case in fancy script, white dial, black Arabic numerals and light spade hands, gold minute numerals, nickel mvt with horizontal damaskeening S#63524

208 E Howard #24718 series III, unusually marked "N", 15J in an uncommon and early Charles E Hale "CEH" coin HC KWKS from the back, c1865, 58mm

209 E Howard & Co S#7901 silver hinged recase that folds out at 90 degrees of each other, "Mershons patent April 26, 1859"

210 E Howard N-size Series III GF HC KW S#3769, case appears original

211 Elgin GM Wheeler 18S 14K LS HC S#3807283 with GJS

212 Elgin Lady Elgin Model 3 10S 11J KW HC, 18K with black enamel case engraving has signate in the center, floral center on back, gilt mvt engraving of "Elgin JW" on barrel bridge, S#79851

213 Elgin BW Raymond 21J S#26346653 in 10KGF screw case, white double sunk dial is marked "Ferguson Dial Patented for ELGIN Watch" and has red Arabic numerals and larger black Arabic numbers for minutes (rare Ferguson dial does have light hls)

214 Elgin Doctors watch S#943410 with perfect dial LS

215 Elgin National Watch Co sharp 6S 14K box hinged HC, with a fancy multi color dial

216 Elgin Veritas 18S 21J GF hinged HC, sea weed leaf pattern engraved on front and back

217 Elgin 8 size 14K multi color HC with diamond SW LS

218 Elgin 6S 15J 18K hinged HC, engraved both sides, back has dragonfly, mountains and house

219 Elgin GM Wheeler 18S GF box hinge Commander HC LS

220 Elgin Lady Elgin 18K hinged HC 10S 11J engraved on both sides, village castle scene on back,

221 English Dan Fisher & Sons 18K 57mm OF KW, off-white dial with black Roman numerals, gold colored base metal bar hands, gilt mvt heavily engraved, cuvette engraved with "Dan Fisher & Sons" and with horse and harness

222 English FB Adams & Sons St Johns Square, London 18K swing-out case with ET back, KW mvt, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, gold moon hands, 48mm

223 English JW Benson Ludgate Hill, London S#1820 18K ET HC with signate on center front case, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, gold light spade hands, 49mm.

224 English Joseph Johnson Railway Time Keeper, 25 Church Street, Liverpool 18K gold swing out HC has scroll pattern around edges and ET 56mm T&B case maker, case and mvt # 44382, elaborately scrolled balance (light hl)

225 English William Barratt, London made for F Holborn 18K swing out case, KW, gold dial with running rabbit in center, gold Roman numerals, single sunk, 51mm (lacks second hand, not running)

226 French Ladies demi hunter, 29mm 18K pierced balance bridge

227 Fusee French Vaucher Paris Charles A Larfer with simulated diamonds around front case edge, back decorated with simulated stones and Victorian lady portrait, bulls eye center crystal, KW mvt 38mm (hl)

228 Fusee English L Richards pair case, outer case is tortoise with some poor restoration, with watchpaper

229 Fusee Sam Johnston London, 1768 verge fusee, fine dial, hands and silver cases

230 Fusee verge by J March Salop gold plate pair case, outer pair case covered with ferns and one butterfly

231 Hamilton Watch Co Railroad Special Model 950B S#520427 16S 23J 14KGF SW LS, white dial, black Arabic numerals, adj 6 pos nickel mvt

232 Hamilton 950B 23J SW LS YGF screw case, white railroad dial (hl between 2-3) nickel mvt has line damaskeening, adj 6 pos

233 Hamilton Ball 16S 21J S#B654620 Arabic porcelain dial, GF Ball case with stirrup bow

234 Hamilton 971 S#327200 16S GF hinged HC 21J adj

235 Hamilton 16S 952 19J bridge mvt # 1153070 DS Arabic dial YGF screwback Cross Bar case

236 Hamilton 941 Lancaster, PA SW LS 21J fine mvt (both case and dial have wear)

237 Hamilton Ball Watch Co Official RR Standard 16S GF 21J SW LS OF S#B642200 railroad crown

238 Hamilton 14K 12S grade 900 (similar ebauche and finish to Masterpiece), 19J adjusted to 5 pos, gold wheel train, raised gold jewel settings, jeweled going mainspring barrel and micrometer regulator, original Hamilton signed case, c1919, #1756294, 47mm

239 Hamilton 944 19J SW LS GF screw case ET adj 5 pos, safety pinion

240 Hamilton 992B 16S S#C7672 GCW DS porcelain Canadian dial with dual time zone hands, Bar /Crown case engraved "engineer 5028 JAA Chouinard, Canadian National Railways, Edmundston, NB"

241 Hamilton grade 400 18K 21J Illinois mvt, "Tycoon Series"

242 Hamilton Watch Co Ohio Inspection Bureau, Ray J Smylie, 1924-1929, 1942-1962 25 year S#P540477Size 10, GF hinged case, silver dial, gold Roman numerals, gold whip hands, single sunk dial with black hands, nickel mvt with multi line damaskeening, spiral around wheel, 23 jewels

243 Hampden Special Railway S#1447050 super multi colored 23J mvt with starburst DMK

244 Hampden 16S 17J 14K HC S#993070, engraved damaskeening, adjusted with black enameled and engraved balance cock and flagged "D"

245 Hampden Watch Co 16S 23J GF OF SW LS nickel mvt with flower and starfish repeating around edge has flag with SR in center, also stamped W/CO

246 Hampden 23J 16S gr.104 (marked) DS Montgomery dial Dueber Special GF OF case

247 Howard Watch Co Railroad Chronometer, Series 11 21J with Montgomery Railroad dial

248 Howard Keystone 23J ET 14K S#1218197 adj 5 pos

249 Illinois 16S 21J Bunn Special 60 hr. Bunn Special model case, Montgomery dial SW LS S#5120227

250 Illinois 18S 17J "Northwestern Special" SW LS S#1203771 private label "M. Morrison, Winona Minn." crisp GF HC DSD

251 Illinois Washington Watch Co 16S 17J Senate model S#213036 GCW one finger bridge NI mvt DS Arabic dial, 14K HC

252 Illinois Watch Co Sangamo Special 16S 23J SW LS GF stiff bow hinged case, engraved on edge with x pattern, white dial, Black Arabic numerals single sunk seconds dial, black diamond hands, motor barrel

253 Illinois Watch Co 60 hour Bunn Special 16S 21J 14K WGF SW LS 16S adj 6 pos

254 Illinois 16S LS tu tone hunting nickel mvt marked "Dependon, John V Farwell Co Chicago USA, adj temp, 6 pos Isochronism, DR, 21 Ruby J" S#2261622 (Sangamo Grade) gold train GJS DS porcelain dial signed "Dependon" 25 yr GF Fahys HC

255 Illinois Bunn Special 60 hr 21J SW LS in sales display case, S#5162730

256 International Watch Co ladys 18K HC SW SS, " Half-Chronometer International Watch Co" on cuvette, "International Watch Co" on dial

257 Independent Watch Co 18S KW in silveroid case, black Roman numerals, white dial spade hands S#170781, Fredonia NY

258 J Cameron & Son Silversmiths & Watchmakers, Kilmarnock 18K swing-out case, heavily engraved gold dial, KW mvt, with key and original box

259 MS Smith & Co Detroit 18K hinged HC S#38071 6S LS with perfect signed dial

260 MS Smith & Co Detroit MI 18K hinged HC black moon hands S#36121 highly jeweled NI mvt with wolf tooth winding and fancy engraving on inner back cover, "Presented to Maria Young by her father March 12th, 1876" on cuvette

261 Omega niello hinged HC, black back ground with gold ivy, fern pattern on front and back center front has hunter holding rabbit with dog in bronze colored metal, center back has bicyclist, gilt mvt, 52mm (dial problems)

262 Scottish N Eprile Edinburgh huge 63mm silver KW lever with DSD and two tone case, comes complete with graduated and hallmarked link chain and fob (chain and fob 128 grams)

263 Swiss 18K 13J KW HC with black and white enameling, 41mm

264 Swiss Breitling Laederich Chaux-de-Fonds, 18K KW with black enameling front and back case, 43mm

265 Swiss C H Meylan, Brassus, 18K gold hinged case, gold dial, black Arabic numerals, black, Breguet Moon style hands with small cross bar just below moon, single sunk second dial, 19 ruby jewels, 7 adj nickel mvt marked Julius C Walk & Sons, Indianapolis, Ind, 46mm

266 Swiss Bautte & Co, Geneva KW KS about 6S 18K gold hinged HC, ET front and back, black gothic hands 15 Ruby jewels lever mvt

267 Swiss L Montandon 18K gold hinged HC with black enameling wheat pattern, fine enameling around band as well, crescent moon seconds hand, 40mm

268 Swiss Fres Bordier A Geneve, 1850 GF KW paircase with diamonds around edge, plain backcase, 40mm

269 Swiss 21J 18K 43mm hi grade contract for FC Mayworm, Hancock Mich S#250222 (damaged dial)

270 Swiss Jules Huguenin 18K HC, heavily engraved on both sides

271 Swiss LS quarter hour push repeater in 47mm worn HC, mvt marked Brevet

272 Swiss unsigned 18K 50mm ET OF with porcelain dial, highly jeweled bar mvt

273 Tiffany silver HC Lever set plain polish case, triple signed, 48mm hl

274 Toronto Watch Co 6S gold HC with highly jeweled nickel mvt LS with wolfs tooth winding

275 Tremont 18S 15J KW mvt #9105, Roman porcelain Tremont dial, OF silveroid case

276 US Watch Co Marion NJ 18S 15J Edwin Rollo KW S#4404, RN dial, original heavy reeded coin silver case with gold hinges; case signed with USWCo monogram

277 Vacheron and Constantin 14K D&Co case 52mm stem wind S#290660 fully jeweled nickel mvt marked "made specially for Roehm and Son Detroit Mich", 42mm

278 Vacheron, & Constantin Geneve 18K ET HC KWKS triple signed S#130615, 42mm

279 Vacheron & Constantin ladies 18KYG OF KW ref 2939

280 Vacheron Girod 18K OF KW with engraved gold dial S#42303

281 Volta Repetition Geneve quarter hour repeater, SW stem set; Paris, Chicago, 1896, 1893, 1889, in silver case with white dial, black Roman numerals, Louis XIV filigree hands, gilt mvt

282 W Thomas Jones Blaenau, Festiniog 9K 52mm OF pin set with very unusual slide in band for the start/stop of sweep, perfect dial

283 Waltham Watch Co RR with up/down indicator 16S SW LS Gold fill screw bezel case, swing-out, 21jewels, 5 pos

284 Waltham 18S 14K HC PS Bartlett 15J M83 SW LS S#3535571 signed dial, box, and original invoice F. Schneider 68 Bowery NY

285 Waltham 18S M92 scarce 17J Riverside grade, S#7026594 DS Roman dial, 14K OF

286 Waltham Vanguard up/down indicator 23J GF screw case, railroad crown, white dial, black Arabic numerals, black extra heavy spade hands adj 6 pos

287 Waltham AWWCO, Riverside 14K 12S 19J HC SW SS bar over crown "Paul Sokolow" engraved on cuvette

288 Waltham Riverside Maximus 16S 23J #11510968 with 4 diamond endstones, gold wheel train, raised GJS, timing screws and escutcheon, fully adjusted, 1902, 50mm

289 Waltham 16S OF 21J Riverside Maximus 88 grade SW SS S#7003892 coin case DSD (hl's)

290 Waltham 10S KWKS Appleton Tracy and Co 1874 model S#798079 gold OF

291 Waltham 18S GF OF 17J gold flashed mvt with fancy perfect dial SW SS recased S#5176968

292 Waltham PS Bartlett 16S 17J in mint 14K HC with GJS

293 Waltham Vanguard 16S 23J GF #20058008 with diamond endstones, screwed raised gold jewel settings, gold wheel train, adjusted to 5 pos and with further adjustments (probably heat, cold and isochronism), micrometer regulator, nickel damascened plates and double sunk enamel dial, c1914 53 mm

294 Webb C Ball Cleveland 14K hinged HC, both sides engraved with black enameling, front initialed EAL, S#294345

More Jewelry and Miscellaneous

295 Chain Ladies silver Victorian triple slide chain with tassel fob, come with Victorian photo of lady dressed in period clothing wearing same chain

296 (3) GF watch chains complete with fobs

297 (3) GF watch chains complete with fobs

298 Lot of GF chains

299 (2) 14K pieces; pink and white cameo, and enameled shell charm

300 (2) large unmounted amethyst; 68ct heart shaped and a 70ct Marquise shaped

301 (8) Brotherhood Union Award Pins most enameled

302 Misc. lot of four watch keys all set with stones

303 Lot-three gold rings and a chain

304 Ring-14K 1.00ct TW baguette and Marquise diamond

305 Ring-14K white gold .40ct diamond

306 Ring-14K 1.20ct TW diamond

307 Ring-14K 2.40ct TW diamond cluster

308 Ring-14K and sapphire round and baguette diamond

309 Ring-14K sapphire and abt 30 diamonds

310 Ring-14K with opal

311 Ring-14KYG Invisible set with 1.00ct TW Princess cut diamonds

312 Ring-18K diamond and Tiger eye

313 Cufflinks-two pairs of 14K diamond and onyx inlay cufflinks

314 Bracelet 14KWG set with 46 small diamonds

315 Jade necklace multi color and 14K

316 Ring-14K white gold tanzanite ring

317 Watch Fob GF with stone and enamel Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Engineers, complete with watch chain

318 French time only carriage clock, clean dial, case and mvt

319 Brass table clock with Swiss mvt

320 Novelty chess clock

More Wristwatches

321 Accura 18K with 14K band

322 Accutron steel Astronaut

323 Bucherer Lucerne Tank in 14K

324 Bulova Accutron Spaceview M214 GF Bezel, orange second hand (original not a conversion)

325 Chevrolet presentation from 1935

326 Ernest Borel gold plated cocktail

327 Fortron moon phase chronograph SS

328 Gala chronograph wristwatch, 17J, Valjoux mvt

329 Gruen Veri Thin 17J with both inner and outer boxes

330 Hamilton Grant 10KYG c1934, total production 6130

330a Hamilton 747 17J 14K (needs new staff) wristwatch

331 Helbros chronograph steel c1940

332 Illinois c1920 sterling with porcelain dial

333 Illinois round 30mm fine original YGF and stainless case, unusual fancy stepped lugs

334 Jules Jurgensen 14K day/date, gilt metal weave band

335 Le Jour Chronograph 1970 17J black dial with date and day indicator, tachometer scale

336 LeCoultre 14K rectangular triple signed (some spotting on 17J mvt)

337 Longines 14K square w/hooded lugs

338 Longines 21J #11809554 round with center seconds and date SS

339 Longines sterling silver wire lugged cushion triple signed, as is, not running, cal. 12.92 mvt

340 Lucien Picard 37mm chronograph crown replaced

341 Movado ladies, case has black onyx and diamonds with black onyx dial

342 Omega (De Ville) SS

343 Omega Constellation 24J with day date indicator

344 Omega Seamaster chronograph, 17J SS

345 Omega Speedmaster chronograph

346 Omega SS round with sub seconds

347 Rolex steel Tudor Oyster Prince day/date

348 Swiss chrono 18K with rectangular pushers

349 Swiss chronograph Chrysler 2-tone steel c1940

350 Swiss YGF digital 17J c1928, fine original condition

351 Tissot Seastar SS chronograph

352 Wyler Dynawind round 34mm 18K date with metal band

Multiple Wristwatches

Condition reports are not available on the following multiple lots. Please plan to attend the auction in order to bid on these lots.

353 WWs-(2) 14K Movado; his and hers

354 WWs-(2) ladys; quartz Rolex Datejust and Swiss white gold and diamond set

355 WWs-(2) P Portinoux and Bulova Accutron

356 WWs lot-1 ladys 14KWG; 1 GF LeCoultre, 1 Swiss sterling, and a pair of silver bracelets

357 WW bands-(2) SS; beaded and Cromwell for a bubbleback

358 WWs-(2) 14K; Hamilton and Mathey Tissot

359 WWs-(2) chronograph; Nivada and a Swiss

360 WWs-(2) Invicta; one with triple calendar

361 WWs-(2) Longines

362 WWs-(2) Longines

363 WWs-(2) Longines

364 WWs-(2) Longines

365 WWs-(2) Longines 17J

366 WWs-(2) Longines 17J SS round

367 WWs-(2) Longines SS 17J

368 WWs-(2) Movado; triple calendar and Kingmatic

369 WWs-(2) Omega

370 WWs-(2) Omega

371 WWs-(2) Omega

372 WWs-(2) round Longines

373 WWs-(2); Longines 17J

374 WWs-(2); Mathey Tissot auto in gold plate and stainless and early rectangular stainless

375 WWs-(2) Lord Elgin

376 WW bands-(3); SS Rolex beaded band, ladys partial 18K links, and another Rolex stainless band

377 WWs-(3) chronograph; Urbita, Mentor, Invicta

378 WWs-(3) Longines

379 WWs-(3) Longines

380 WWs-(3) Movado

381 WWs-(3) Movado; two mens, one ladys

382 WWs-(3); Doxa, Mido, Invicta

383 WWs-(3); Elgin de Luxe GF with three small diamonds on dial, Omega oversized SS, silver Vulcain chronometre

384 WWs-(3); Omega, Hamilton quartz, and Omega

385 WWs-(3); Sandoz SS chronograph, Lusina 17J GF, Cyma divers

386 WWs-(3;)Girard Perregaux, Vulcain Endura chronograph

387 WWs-(4) ladys-one is solid gold

388 WWs-(4) ladys; Gruen, Bucherer, Vulcain, Movado

389 WWs-(4) Longines 17J

390 WWs-(4) Movado

391 WWs-(4); Oris, Silvana chronograph, Edox and Cyma

392 WWs-(4); Sandoz, Selza chronograph, Doxa chronograph, Cyma perpetual triple calendar

393 WWs-(5) Longines

394 WWs-(8); 3 Waltham, 2 Elgin, Benrus, character Superman and 1 novelty

395 WWs-(11) mens; includes Hamilton, Elgin, Censer, Longines, Bulova

396 WWs-(12) includes complicated mens, chronos, Bulova Oceanographer, etc

397 WWs-(13) mens rectangular without bands

398 WWs-(17) ladys, mostly gold and complete

399 WWs-(17) Swiss mens

400 WWs-(20) mixed and complete

401 WWs-(20) mixed and complete

402 WWs-(28) complete ladys

The following 14 lots have been Deaccessioned from the American Clock and Watch Museum.

Condition reports are not available on these lots. Please plan to attend the auction in order to bid on these lots.

Museum Note: Refining and improving the collection of the American Clock & Watch Museum is an ongoing and necessary process. Items recommended for disposal undergo an extensive review process including recommendation by the Curator and unanimous approval by the Acquisitions/Deaccession Committee before final approval is granted by the Executive Director. Funds acquitted from the disposal of Deaccessioned collection materials are used directly to advance the development and care of the museums Horological collections. Deaccessioned collection objects may not by purchased by or for any paid or unpaid staff or Board members of the American Clock & Watch Museum.

403 (3) PW mvts-P Philippe PW, Parkinson & Frodsham PW, P Philippe PW, and small box with Patek parts

404 (4) PWs-FB Adams & Sons, L Richard Locle, Swiss bar, J Forest

405 (5) unusual mvts-French repeating, Timing & Repeating Co, Swiss musical watch charm, Swiss chronograph, large repeating

406 (8) hi grade PW mvts and map distance indicator-4 are T Russell, G Savage, E Kohn, later crucifix shaped mvt, etc

407 (11) PWs-Swiss and English and bag of PW dials-Tavannes, J Harris & Sons, Muller & Vaucher, etc

408 (17) WWs and (1) WW mvt, mostly Swiss, one or two gold cases-Zenith, Kelton, Agassiz, Croton quartz, Tissot, etc

409 (18) PWs-some very old, English, Swiss, French-Tavannes, Taylor & Samuel, G Young, TE Haller, E & EA Bourqin, unknown Swiss

410 (30) English-J Harrison, G Pain, Quartier, Graham & Parks, C Hadman, JC Marten, Osborne & Molyneux, Tobias, Watson, etc

411 (30) PW mvts-Swiss English, French, etc-FB Adams, Adams Royal Exchange, Romilly, Skeggs Kingsland, JS Sager, et

412 (42) Swiss and French PW and some WW mvts-Pettet & Co, verge, C Charpier, Golay, J Liechti, for JR Losada, Langendorf, Continental Watch Co, Langendorf Watch Co, unknown makers, etc

413 (43) English PW mvts-Jaccotlet of Travers, J Johnson, J Scholefield, R Duncan, H Nelson, Allam & Caithness, J Moncas, Tobias, R Perry, etc

414 (90) Swiss PW mvts-by unknown makers; includes verge, bar, cylinder escapements, duplex, etc

415 Large lot of mostly fusee mvts and parts, some very early-M Holland, J Rayland, watch cocks, balance bridges, hairsprings, etc

416 Clock mvts, marine chronometer mvt, platform mvts and others

More Pocketwatches

417 Addison, USA 16S GF, dial has royal blue Arabic numerals each in circle of gold with light blue background, stag on back

418 Am Watch Co Royal 18K HC (hls)

419 American Waltham PS Bartlett 18S 17J in silver Illinois full box hinge screw case, country farm scene engraved on back

420 American Waltham Watch Co 6S 14K 15J HC, engraved both sides

421 American Waltham Watch Co gold HC heavily engraved on both sides white fancy dial with lake scene

422 American Waltham Watch Co, cuvette engraved Florence Agnes Arthur 6S 14K gold hinged HC, heavily engraved flowers and scroll initials FAA

423 AWCo Wm Ellery, Waltham, Mass 6S 14K ET swing-out mvt, uncarried

424 AWCo Wm Ellery, Waltham, Mass 6S 14K HC

425 Ball 19J 16S OF in Ball marked GF case

426 Columbus Watch Co 6S 14K HC (hls)

427 E Howard & Co 18S GF HC, ET with initial R on front case and river scene on back case, S#222252

428 Elgin BW Raymond 16S 22J S#42078543 with "AN-5740, MFRS. PART NO. 1790, CONT. NO. W535-AC-37880, SER. NO. AF 437887, ELGIN" marked on back case

429 Elgin National Watch Co 14K HC, heavily engraved tapered and scalloped case with floral and birds, gilt mvt, German pinion

430 Elgin National Watch Co 6S gold HC, engraved scroll pattern on both sides back with bird and wheat

431 Elgin 16S multicolor HC with stag and floral display, LS

432 Elgin 6S 10K HC, engraved floral wreath

433 Elgin 6S HC, nicely engraved floral, Presented to Eva A. Goodwin by Seth F. Goodwin Nov 7th, 1886

434 Elgin National Watch Co 18S LS 15J beautiful dial, with floral and farm house scene on case

435 Elgin swingout 14K HC 15J Lady Elgin complete with box and gold slide chain with diamond set slide

436 Elgin USA14K hinged HC pendant in excellent condition

437 English John Forrest, London silver hinge case KW, white dial with black Roman numerals, black extra heavy spade hands, single sunk seconds dial marked "CHRONOMETER MAKER TO THE ADMIRALTY" gilt mvt with dustcover and key on chain

438 English SA Goddard & Co 16S silver swing-out case, ET backcase, gold KWKS mvt, heavily engraved bridge (does not wind or run)

439 Fusee Alex R Moore, Cumnock silver pair case, gilt mvt with damaskeening, jewelers papers from Richard Webb, Brecon reverse Mr. McTurk, Aug 42/ 821, John L. Barron, Candleriggs, Alloa

440 Fusee silver pair case, white dial, heavy engraved mvt #6887, perfect dial and case, incredible floral petie point covering jewelers papers Alex W. Tory King St, Castle-Douglas twice, Rob t. McAdam 105 High Street, Dumfries "Aug 7, 1838", McAdam & Son 1

441 Fusee French pair case with bulls eye crystal, dial has black Roman numerals and port scene with house, horse, and man, gold filigree hands, swing-out gilt mvt with damaskeening, marked JDB, 50mm (dial has several small hls, not running)

442 Hamilton 16S 21J 992 Elinvar marked Hamilton case DSD SW LS

443 Hamilton 4992B 22J base metal screw case back is engraved with stock and part #s, white dial, black Roman numerals, red spade hands, nickel mvt, line damaskeening, P115808 adj 6 pos

444 Hamilton 940 21J SW LS black spade hands, nickel mvt with double roller and motor barrel

445 Hamilton 992B 16S 21J Hamilton marked bar over crown case DSD SW LS S#C23469

446 Hamilton 992B 21J bar over crown Hamilton GF case, DSD

447 Hamilton 992B 21J SW LS GF screw case, adj 6 pos

448 Hamilton Ball Watch Co 16S 21J GF SW LS S#B609447, case worn, clean mvt

449 Illinois "Stuart" 18S KW S#2599 dial marked "Springfield Watch Co" GF HC

450 Illinois 14K 17J HC, large flower engraved on front, repeating shell pattern on back, NI mvt

451 Illinois 18S Bunn adj S#50200 transition SW LS sterling HC dial marked "Illinois Springfield Watch Co"

452 Illinois 18S GF box hinged HC, engraved with floral front and back (lacking bezel, hl, does not wind)

453 Illinois Watch Co 10S 23J 14K SW SS adj 6 pos

454 Longines 14KYG OF ref 3770185

455 Manistee Watch Co 17J S#0029406 SW SS GF hinged HC, white Roman numerals with red marginals, single sunk dial, nickel mvt with zig zag line damaskeening on mvt and wheels

456 NY Standard 18S multi color fancy dial GF HC SW LS S#187504

457 Omega Grand Prix Paris 1900 on cuvette SW SS silver demi hunter with black enamel Roman numerals on front around bulls eye, edge is in rose gold on front and back, back case engraved with floral, 50mm

458 Peoria Watch Co 18S 15J HC with rope twist band, fine signed dial, GJS, cross hatched DMK safety pinion, anti-magnetic

459 Rockford Watch Co 18S coin silver hinged case KWKS S#118879

460 Rockford Watch Co, 18S S#54527 KWKS in coin silver hinged case

461 Seth Thomas Model 260 21J GF LS SW, double sunk seconds dial, nickel mvt with heavy damaskeening, adj 6 pos

462 Swiss 8 size 14K HC with high grade mvt signed "C F Wolters, Roch. N.Y." crisp SW LS S#30018

463 Swiss Blondel & Co Geneva, detached lever, gold hinged HC, ET both sides with black and white engraved floral wreath 45mm 15J

464 Swiss Breitling Laederich Chauxde Fonds, 6S 18K HC, heavy gold engraving with black enameling on both sides

465 WW-Swiss chronograph in 18K with rectangular pushers, black dial, 17J inner dust cover

466 Swiss contract for Wright Kay & Co signed on cuvette "Presented by EW & AW to Peter Wohlfelder 1890" coin hinged HC, high grade regulator has some discoloration 53mm, GJS

467 Swiss duplex for Chinese market silver HC KW with chain and key, engraved with castle on back and messenger on horse on front, "Duplex" marked on cuvette, gilt mvt heavily engraved, white dial, black Roman numerals, 56mm

468 Swiss G Lanavillre, Geneve 18K HC engraved on both sides, 47mm

469 Swiss KWKS 18K 39mm finely engraved OF, dial with floral design, case and mvt stamped 697

470 Swiss made for English Market, M J French "Royal Exchange, Hands, No. 9427, Patent Lever, Full Jeweled" engraved on outside of cuvette, GF hinged case, heavily engraved with feather and floral design, fancy gold single sunk dial with crane, gold Roman numerals, black light spade hands, KW mvt

471 Swiss quarter hour repeater mvt and dial with case, 50mm, running but in need of restoration

472 Swiss silver gilt cylinder mvt, cobalt blue enamel over guilloche back, c1900, 27mm

473 United States Watch Co G A Read, Marion NJ S#101437 18S silver case, white dial with black Roman numerals, black spade hands, seconds dial, gilt mvt in fine English recase

474 Waltham 16S full box hinge HC S#6063392 SW LS

475 Waltham cal 16-A, 22J, original black 24 hour GCT dial (Greenwich Central Time), adj to 3 pos and temperature, c1942, with hack feature and in standard WWII military issue case with appropriate markings on the back, #3179073552 mm (These are much scarcer than the Hamilton model with similar specifications)

476 Waltham 18S M57 with 7J Wm Ellery S#185465, KW coin HC signed "Am. Watch Co Waltham Mass" with embossed eagle case #T90

477 Waltham Appleton Tracy 18S KW silver HC with ET inner cover marked warranted, low serial #15590 (hls)

478 Waltham Vanguard 23J 16S SW LS adj 6 pos with heavy damaskeening squares with circles in center of squares on mvt

479 Wm Ellery 18S silver HC silver with case makers initials S#61525


480 Lathe; Levin 8mm, ball bearing, with collet holding tailstock, motor, speed control, collets and counter

481 Swiss mandrel; large, brass and complete

482 Lathe; 6mm European style with motor, speed control, collets, and many accessories including between center turning and tailstock

483 Lathe; Levin 8mm with collet holding tailstock, motor, speed control and collets

484 Lathe; Levin complete with large wheel cutting indexing wheel and latch

485 Wheel topping engine; brass with cutters and stumps

486 Lot of four bow operated between center turns, three steel and one brass

487 Canon pinion tightener, brass

More Pocketwatches

488 American Waltham Watch Co 6S 14K HC, multi colored gold engraving on front and back (dial chip)

489 American Waltham Watch co 6S GF hinged HC, multi colored floral and signate on front, multi colored floral and bird on back,

490 American Waltham GF screw case, engine turning on back, white fancy dial, gold squared single scallops just outside margins ring

491 American Watch Co PS Bartlett gold HC KWKS S#407674

492 AWCo P S Bartlett rose colored GF hinged HC with engraved front floral signate, back village and lake scene, LS SW

493 AWW Co OS 14K hinged HC

494 AWWCo 14K HC pendant star with diamond on back

495 Ball Watch Co Commercial Standard 17J GF OF S#B243973 Pat Nov 17, 96, "Ball Watch Co, Cleveland" on dial

496 Chronograph Th Ascot 18S GF HC, front engraved initials, fine dial with 30 min register and sweep stop second (mvt not functioning)

497 Columbian USA 6S HC, engraved on both sides, back has bird on branch

498 Contract for WF Laraway Glenwood, Iowa 14K GF hinged HC, multi color yellow and blue flower with signate, initial M, on front; yellow and blue flower on either side of yellow rose on back, white single sunk dial, black Roman numerals, red margins, nickel mvt with damaskeening

499 E Howard Watch Co Boston 16S 19J GF LS SW S#1108718 recased

500 Elgin 6S 14K crisp HC SW LS (hls)

501 Elgin 6S 14K HC private label "W E Cross Amsterdam NY" on dial and mvt 11J

502 Elgin 6S 7J HC, engraved (hls)

503 Elgin 6S gold HC, engraved on both sides with back having castle in center

504 Elgin 6S gold HC, engraved with four bars creating square window panes

505 Elgin model 348 OF 18S 21J nickel recase S#11185051

506 Elgin National Watch Co JT Ryerson 18S KW KS S#252448 coin silver HC

507 Elgin O-S 14K 17J HC, engraved on both sides

508 Elgin 6S GF engraved HC

509 Elgin 6S GF HC, multi colored floral on front with salvation army shaped signate

510 English Centre Seconds Chronograph in silver case, KWKS with key, fine case and mvt (dial very light hls)

511 Fusee Hon Lenrep, London silver pair case with floral engraving on front, white dial, Black Arabic numerals, gold arrow minute hand, (missing hour hand) gilt mvt with damaskeening, case paper

512 Hamilton 940 18S 21J GF swing-out case, white single sunk dial

513 Hamilton 992 21J 16S S#1004185 recased

514 Hamilton 996 19J with mint Hamilton signed 24 hr dial S#1272004

515 Hamilton 992 SW LS 21J GF OF adj 5 pos, black Arabic numerals DSD

516 Hamilton Watch Co Railroad Special 992B 16S 21J GF SW LS adj 6 pos with white Montgomery dial, black Arabic numerals, black ex heavy spade hour and whip minute hands

517 Hamilton 940 18S 21J GF S#985503 SW LS back case engraved with train, adj 5 pos

518 Hamilton Watch Co #992 21J SW LS double roller, bar over crown adj 5 pos (dial flake and hl)

519 There is no lot 519

520 Hamilton Model 940 SW LS 18S 10k filled screw case, signate type engraving on backcase, mvt with heavy damaskeening interlocking pattern in center, wavy around edge

521 Hamilton Watch Co 10S 14K SW SS 17J adj 3 position S#1773401

522 Hamilton Watch Co 18S 17J S#128271 mvt with fancy multi pattern damaskeening, safety pinion

523 Hamilton Watch Co 18S 21J SW LS GF screw case, white double sunk dial (crack at 2), safety pinion

524 Hamilton 941 21J S#123792 model 941 with well worn case and dial

525 Hamilton 992 SW LS, recased

526 Wristwatch-Hamilton Errol 19J caliber 753

527 Hampden Watch Co Dueber 18S 17J with multi pattern damaskeening, safety pinion

528 Illinois 16S 17J GF HC SW LS S#1475928, engraved front and back

529 Illinois 21J GF SW LS with Montgomery Railroad dial with red marginal numbers, black spade hands, adj 5 position

530 Illinois Bunn Special 18S GF HC S#1539224 24 Ruby Jewels LS , perfect dial case and mvt

531 Illinois Central 16S 21J 14K WGF screw case, white double sunk dial, black Arabic numerals, red marginals, black light spade hands, nickel double roller adj 3 position with sun ray damaskeening.

532 Illinois Watch Co 18S KWKS #360317 silver OF

533 Illinois Watch Co Santa Fe Special 21J GF SW LS white railroad dial, black Arabic numerals, mvt has heavy damaskeening (the Santa Fe marked dial does have one long light hl)

534 John Hancock 18S 21J GF with fancy dial (hl)

535 Keystone Watch Co18S GF full box hinge S#341906

536 Manistee Watch Co Manistee, Mich S#0028647 16S 17J GF HC fine signed dial and DMK mvt

537 Non Magnetic Watch Co 14S 14K GF S#380624

538 Omega round 14K presentation on case back of 1959 Pontiac Motors Division of General Motors

539 Rockford Watch Co JW Hanson, Princeton, Ind 18S 17J tu tone mvt with fancy multi pattern damaskeening

540 Seth Thomas 18S 17J adj. tu tone Model 5, Ni mvt S#234549, Roman porc dial 20 yr. YGF screwback case

541 Swiss 14K HC, engraved both sides

542 Swiss 8 day Hebdomas 14S fine dial, mvt and silver engraved case

543 Swiss 40mm 18K hinged case, engraved edges, ET gilt KWKS with fob and chain

544 Swiss 8 day spiral Breguet lever in silver case with engraving, ivory colored dial

545 Swiss 8 day with visible balance fancy porcelain dial 49mm OF gun metal case

546 Swiss chronograph, 52mm silver OF, stem wind, pin set, two piece regulator, porcelain RN dial, small chip on dial, average ET case, circular zig zag pattern on bridge

547 Swiss Fauche & Ducommun Chaux de Fonds detached lever 13J 18K KWKS with key

548 Swiss gunmetal pin set chronograph (hls)

549 Swiss Hebdomas 8 day SW PS, white dial with blue enamel circle under gold Roman numerals, gold floral just below and to either side of chapter, bottom of dial is open to expose the balance wheel and pallet fork, 47mm

550 Swiss HL Tissot Locle 53mm gold HC, KW mvt, leaf and tulip or rose pattern on edges, front has cardinal, perfect dial, very unusual two color hands and seconds bit marks at fifteen

551 Swiss Louis Reymond KWKS 37mm HC in 9K ET case, cylinder mvt, in Louis Reymond birdseye maple and velvet lined box

552 Swiss Maiden Lane, 36mm 18K gold hinged HC, castle engraved in frame on front

553 Swiss MF Mathey & Co14K HC, engraved on front with swan, back has house lake scene, 41mm

554 Swiss Savoye Freres gold HC, engraved on both sides, 44mm

555 Swiss Skeleton Girard Perregaux Shell Oil Co Advertising watch, black skeletonized dial, OF display back case 42mm

556 Swiss SW PS stag with trees engraved on backcase, gilt mvt is heavily engraved

557 Vacheron & Constantin silverode screw recase, nickel 17J adj mvt (dial problems)

558 Waltham Vanguard 1892 18S 23J in chrome case

559 Waltham 18S GF OF 17J PS Bartlett 92 grade SW LS S#16083264 as new

560 Waltham PS Bartlett S#366872 18S KWKS silver HC

561 Waltham Riverside 16S 21J, marked on mvt and dial

562 Waltham Colonial 14K 21J

563 Waltham Appleton Tracy & Co S#10518915

564 Waltham PS Bartlett 1883 18S 17J adj, in clean ET OF case

Multiple Pocketwatches

Condition reports are not available on the following multiple lots. Please plan to attend the auction in order to bid on these lots.

565 PWs-(2) 14K OF; Waltham with chain and an Elgin

566 PWs-(2) 6S LS Seth Thomas GF HC

567 PWs-(2) Hamilton; 974 YGF and WGF 16S OF

568 PWs-(2) Rockford; 18S KW in display back case and a SW dress watch

569 PWs-(2) Swiss; 14K pin set OF 23mm and a silver lever demi hunter

570 PWs-(2) Waltham; 16S 17J Royal and 18S 21J Vanguard (poor case)

571 PWs-(2) Waltham; 18S 57 Broadway silver HC and a silver recased M70 15J KW KS Crescent St

572 PWs-(2); small Swiss silver pendant and a ladies 14K Omega

573 PWs-(2); Unsigned OF chronograph and Omega OF chronograph

574 PWs-(22) OF; 0S and 12S thru 16S including Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Longines and 8 day Swiss

575 PWs-(3) 18S silveroid Hampden

576 PWs-(3) complete Illinois, in need of cleaning only

577 PWs-(3) Lot-three clean Hampden YGF HC pendants LS one w/fine fancy dial, other in 8S Scalloped finely engraved case

578 PWs-(3) Swiss silver cased lever fusee

579 PWs-(3); fine Lancaster New Era LS GF HC, Elgin 16S LS SW HC, and an Ingersol Trenton

580 PWs-(3); low grade Swiss center seconds, KW silver case, and a large silver OG Columb

581 PWs-(3); Swiss Gallet stop, Elgin type A8 15J stop in box and a Swiss Guinard decimal timer

582 PWs-(3); Waltham 21J OF, 15J OF, and lady Croton

583 PWs-(4) complete and clean GF HC pendants; includes one multicolor

584 PWs-(4) Waltham; includes a fine box hinge, a 21J, sharp 16S case, and a 15J

585 PWs-(4); Longines GF HC, 2 Elgin GF HC and a silver Waltham HC

586 PWs-(5) GF HC pendants; 4 Waltham and an interstate chronometer

587 PWs-(5) Swiss; 3 in silver HC

588 PWs-(5); Swiss and English silver cased OF, complete but in need of various repairs

589 PWs-(5); Waltham 15J OF, Waltham 15J HC, Waltham silver HC, Waltham 14K, and Elgin junior

590 PWs-(5); Waltham M92 18S OF Bartlett, Elgin 18S OF, Swiss Tobias HC double timekeeper "as is", Elgin 18S coin HC, and a Waltham 18S in Pioneer coin OF

591 PWs-(6) Swiss; includes 3 in silver cases

592 PWs-(7) Elgin complete and clean

593 PWs-(9); 5 Waltham, 2 Elgin, an Illinois 21J, and a Rockford Winnebago

594 PWs-(11) Waltham complete and clean

595 PWs- (20+) mostly American, including a tu tone Seth Thomas mvt in clean GF case, some fancy dials, very good cases and mostly complete mvts

596 Lot-includes a plastic paperweight lot, coaster set, Ball watch, etc